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A suicidal father climbs the hill with a couple of toddlers and video shows

A suicidal father climbs the hill with a couple of toddlers and video shows
Barbara C. Arroyo

The chilling video shows the moment a father who committed suicide before rescuing the three was driving his truck off a cliff in San Diego with his 2-year-old twin daughters.

A man knocked down Sunset Cliffs early Saturday morning at 4:30 p.m. KNSD reported.

Dramatic surveillance footage Posted on Facebook CBS News 8 reporter Abbie Alford shows the man’s pickup truck with headlights that burst onto the edge and drops into about 30 feet of water.

The video shows a large splash of water impacted vehicle.

Another vehicle was far behind, although it is unclear whether it was a police car.

But the officers responded quickly and were able to rescue their father and daughter.

San Diego Police K-9 Officer, Jonathan Wise, was one of the first policemen on the scene and Told KNSD He rode up the hill to reach the family.

Describing to the outlet what he saw when he dumped it, Wyse said, referring to his father, “He has two girls.”

“He was trying to hold them and run the water, but everything was going down. One was awake and the other was very lifeless.”

Wiese managed to get the group out of the water and onto the nearby rock.

The father and one of his 2-year-old daughters suffered minor injuries. The other daughter was in a critical condition but was expected to recover.

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