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Alex Zanardi in a medically induced coma following a horrific crash in Italy

Alex Zanardi in a medically induced coma following a horrific crash in Italy
Barbara C. Arroyo

Paralympic gold medalist and former Formula One driver Alex Zanardi was in a medically induced coma following a head injury during a cycling race in Italy. According to a CNN report On the day of Saturday.

Janardi, who cut both legs 20 years ago after a car racing accident, lost control of his handbike in Friday’s Obittivo tricolor relay race in Italy, the network said.

Multiple reports said Zanardi had entered the path of an oncoming truck.

The 53-year-old was taken by plane to Santa Maria Alley Scott Hospital in Siena, where he underwent three hours of brain surgery.

In a statement released by the hospital, Zanardi said he was “stable” and in intensive care.

“He is intubated and supported by artificial ventilation, but the neural image is severe,” the statement said.

Since the news that the athlete has been admitted to the hospital, he has been greeted.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte Tweet:”“ No Alex, no! Alex #Janardi Come on, don’t give up. All of Italy is fighting you. “

Janardy’s former team is also Williams Racing Tweet Encouragement: “Our whole team’s thoughts are with former driver Alex Zanardi after he was injured in a hand bike accident earlier today.

“Alex is one of life’s truly inspirational people and, as we all know, is a fighting fighter. Be strong and Forza Alex. “

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