Chase Rice criticized a packed concert in Tennessee

Chase Rice criticized a packed concert in Tennessee
Henry L. Joiner
Written by Henry L. Joiner

Rice shared the footage of his appearance Saturday at Brush Mountain State Penitentiary Grounds in Petros, Tennessee, on Instagram stories that disappear after 24 hours.

Since then the video has been shared on many other social media accounts.

Brush Mountain is a former prison about 130 miles east of Nashville, which has been converted into a museum and concert venue.

Rice, 34, urged them off the stage as the mostly masked low crowd in the video packed, sang and jumped together.

When contacted by CNN for comment, a spokeswoman for Rice sent a statement from Brush Mountain Group Vice President Brian May saying, “The local concert for the recent concert has been met and many precautions have been taken.”

“Our maximum venue capacity of 10,000 to 4,000 (less than 50% of the state’s advisory) of 1,000 (954 tickets scanned with 809 tickets) provides enough space in the open lawn for Saturday night attendance. Fans can expand their comfort level,” the statement read. “All guests were given temperature checks before entering the venue and a free hand sanitizer was provided to everyone entering.”

The vendors and staff were advised to “wear masks and gloves when communicating with guests, and bandanas are available for purchase on-site,” the statement said, adding that “the physical distance recommended in the signs posted throughout the venue could not be further implemented.” We are considering future alternative scenarios that will further protect staff and our employees. ”

Local government officials did not immediately respond to CNN’s request to verify whether the administrators comply with local requirements.

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Rice tweeted to fellow country artist Kelsea Baleri for a tour of the Kovid-19 pandemic.

“Imagine being selfish enough to endanger the health of thousands of people, not to mention the potential ripple effect and now play a normal country concert,” Ballerini, 26, tweeted. “-Cheese Rice Music, we all want to tour (and need). We’ve got enough to wait for our fans and their families.”

Another country singer, 37-year-old Mickey Guyton, tweeted: “A totally selfish act. He’s ashamed.”

Artists in the music industry have had to stop touring amid a health crisis as festivals, shows and events have been canceled or gone virtual.

According to his site, Rice is scheduled for his tour on Friday at the Paramount Arts Center in Ashland, Kentucky, and will then play a few dates on the drive to movie theaters in Georgia.

In March, she was forced to quarantine a song called “Dear Corona.”

“Dear Corona, you don’t know the heart of a country fan / We don’t know how to give a damn,” Rice sings in a video he posted. “So you can re-schedule Stagecoach / But you have to understand / You don’t know the heart of a country fan.”

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