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Cole Sprouse has denied allegations of sexual assault against him

Cole Sprouse has denied allegations of sexual assault against him
Barbara C. Arroyo

Cole Sprouse has denied sexual assault allegations against him and his “Riverdale” co-stars.

“Earlier today, I and three other cast mates were convicted of sex crimes via anonymous accounts on Twitter,” he tweeted Sunday. “I take these allegations very seriously and work with the right groups to get to the root of it.”

Sprouse, 27, has denied any and all “false allegations”, saying they would do “tremendous damage” to “real assault” victims.

“Further, I will not try to silence anyone. I encourage people to look into the allegations because the events described are genuinely untrue, ”continued Sprouse, who split from longtime girlfriend Lily Reinhart. “This is the latest lawsuit in a series of incidents where my cast mates and me have been asked to cancel.”

Earlier Sunday, a woman named Victoria came forward Twitter And when they returned to his room after a party at his NYU dormitory, Sprouse became “aggressive.”

“Then he pushed me to the bed, put his hands under my shirt and started liking my boobs. I told him to stop several times and he wouldn’t listen,” she said. “By then, I was crying from the smell of alcohol in his breath. He wasn’t with me to undo my pants. He told me to leave when he was finished.”

Another woman came forward and accused “Riverdale” star KJ Appa, but the tweet was later dropped Account is disabled.

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