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Donald Trump’s ‘Funny’ Case on Coronavirus Test Reveals His Neglect

Donald Trump's 'Funny' Case on Coronavirus Test Reveals His Neglect
Barbara C. Arroyo

In the meantime, wearing masks and proven to spread the disease slowly, Trump helped turn this into a culture war issue. His rally in Oklahoma on Saturday night drew the notion of social distance – though, ironically, fewer spectators than his would have made such practices possible. Health experts warn that the rise in infections in states like Florida and Arizona – both of which have recorded new highs in weekend infection rates over the weekend – is a hesitation to wear masks and masks to avoid large gatherings.

The president’s poor example represents a common attempt to divide Americans and highlight divisions on specific issues for his own political gain. However, in the long run, except for the cost of thousands of lives, this would be counterproductive, as the more open-ended efforts to prevent the rise of epidemics as the state opens up, the bank that promotes Trump’s re-election, the faster the economic recovery. Has been in trouble in recent weeks.

By ignoring or talking about growing infections, the White House has revealed that it has no plans or propensity to aggressively fight the worst public health crisis in a century, and the United States has not seen a decline in epidemics since. Other major industrialized countries have reached a peak.

Another week begins with the chaotic White House

Trump’s decision to hold a rally that could turn into a super-spreader event during a pandemic, and his administration’s actions to fire New York’s top prosecutor Jeffrey Berman, begins a new week in a controversial storm. This has led to new concerns about respect for the rule of law and the independence of the legal system.

Trump’s adviser told CNN he was “very” worried about Trump’s voting at Saturday night’s rally. President Donors and friends are burning on Sunday in the wake of Trump’s poorly attended rally this weekend, a person with re-election figures said.

Meanwhile, the virus is still ragging, and the administration doesn’t seem to be on the same page for a second wave in the fall. White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro has accused CNN’s Jake Tapper of “state-of-the-union” White House preparation, but vice president Mike Pence has provoked the media “Panic” Before that.

The administration’s sluggish efforts to accelerate coronavirus testing at the beginning of the pandemic have worsened the disease’s impact. Although the number of tests carried out now reaches 25 million, the disease is still well below the millions of tests per week that health professionals need to determine the true spread of the disease and identify and isolate the infected.

The controversy over Trump’s test remarks has given the president a moment, but instead brought about his political weaknesses, including his habit of saying wild things to stray from his own campaign. The president is furious, CNN reported, referring to the poor population – about 6,200 – who attended his rally in Tulsa the week before.
At his rally on Saturday night, Trump made the shocking claim that he had told his staff to slow down tests to cover the true scope of the disease. This is not the first time he has suggested.

“You know the test is a double-edged sword,” Trump said Saturday. “The worst part here is … when you test to that extent, you’re going to find more people; you’re going to find more cases. So I told my people, please slow down the test.”

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It is not clear whether the authorities were slowing the test at the time they falsely claimed that they were speeding and that the United States was the world leader in the test. Trump is “clearly kidding,” an administration official told CNN. Navarro said the president was intrigued on “State of the Union” on Sunday.

“Come on, it’s tongue in cheek,” Navarro told Topper. “It was a light moment for him at the rally.”

It is a mystery why the president has quipped about a pestilence test in a pandemic that has killed thousands of Americans and revealed the responsibilities of his own administration. If he is ridiculous, this comment reflects his own rejection of the methodology of the pandemic and the scientific steps to improve the situation.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolff has argued that Trump is mad at Trump’s (in fact correct) coverage of the growing number of new coronavirus infections.

“What you hear from the president is disappointment – in the sense that we’re testing, I believe we’ve tested 25 million Americans. We’ve tested more than any other country in the world,” Wolf told CBS on Sunday’s “Face the Nation”. “Instead, the press and others, what they want to focus on is the growing number of cases.”

Trump’s remarks prompted immediate nomination from Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“It’s a horrible attempt to reduce the numbers to be pretty good,” Biden’s top adviser Simon Sanders said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“It will be remembered long after last night’s rally was defeated – the President acknowledged that the test had been slowed for his political benefit.”

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Rising infection rates

Public health experts responded with disbelief over Trump’s comments about the test.

“It’s very frustrating for millions of Americans who are sick and unable to get tested. It is very frustrating for people who have lost families in nursing homes because we have not been able to test nursing homes, domestic workers and workers, or meat packing plant workers.” She told CNN on Sunday.

On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, says the pandemic is like a “forest fire,” which may not be slow, and is being exacerbated by the whites’ lack of house strategy.

“At this point, what we really want to do is not have a national plan. We have 50 different states, the District of Columbia, the territories, all kinds of own plans,” Osterholm said. “At the beginning of April, we were at 70% of the very high number of cases of pandemic cases. And I don’t see any kind of ‘This is the place we have to go. This is what we need to do to get there. That’s one of our challenges.’

The new criticism of the administration’s poor response to the pandemic coincides with alarming new evidence that the disease is making progress in the southern and western states. Arizona health officials reported 2,592 new infections Sunday. The total number of cases in the state nearly doubled in 14 days. Tulsa County, which hosted the Trump rally, reported 143 cases of new daily coronavirus cases in the previous 24 hours. Florida reported another 3 thousand Covid-19 cases on Sunday.

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Authorities in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas and other states are reporting that a large number of young people are testing positive for the virus. Young people generally experience less severe symptoms of Covid-19 than their adult counterparts, who can spread it to others and the data is alarming because it suggests that social distance and masking are disintegrating.

The president, however, refused to wear the mask publicly and was at least ambivalent about their use, and his conservative supporters portrayed the use of masks as an attempt by liberals and elites to violate the fundamental freedoms of Americans. Whether the president is the one to wear the mask of the model – or, arguing that it will only resume normal life – that it will cause temporary inconvenience – he can make a huge impact, the importance of his platform and his impact on his supporters.

Democrat Phoenix Mayor Kate Galego told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer ahead of the Trump event in the city on Tuesday, “The best representative is the president.

“If he says it is important for everyone to wear masks at that rally, I believe they will do it,” Gallego said. “Please send a strong signal to everyone – they should wash their hands, they should wear masks and if they have any question they should be at home.”

Although the Trump campaign offered masks at Saturday’s rally, only a few people in the crowd seemed to be wearing them. Senior officials who traveled most with the President and refused to wear them. Although six campaign staff were dispatched to prepare the rally, they tested positive for the virus before the president arrived.

CNN’s Jim Acosta and Sarah Westwood contributed to this report.

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