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During the USS Roosevelt major retreat, the Navy chose to fire an aircraft carrier that warned of coronavirus outbreaks.

Pentagon removes Defense Production Act point person
Barbara C. Arroyo

“I will not reappoint Captain Brett Crozier as Commanding Officer of the USS Theodore Roosevelt and he will not be eligible for future command. Captain Crozier will be reinstated,” Naval Operations Chief Admin Michael Gilde told reporters during the Pentagon briefing. , This decision was made immediately after the news.

“I believe that Captain Crozier should be reinstated. After his relief in April, after the preliminary investigation, the more detailed and in-depth investigation we conducted in the following weeks has a much deeper scope,” said Secretary Kenneth Braithwaite, speaking with the Navy.

Crozier and Strike Group commander in the investigation, Rear Adm. Stuart Baker said, “not enough has been done to meet their primary responsibility … and they have not effectively carried out our guidelines for cases of virus outbreaks,” according to Gilday.

“Both Admiral Baker and Captain Crozier fell far short of what we ordered. If I knew what I knew today, I would not recommend Captain Crozier be reinstated. If Captain Crozier is still in command, I will give him relief,” he said.

Although Crozier is freed from command of the ship, he remains in the Navy.

Baker is also held accountable for poor decision-making and his promotion is being withheld, a U.S. Navy official and congressional aide detailed on the investigation told CNN ahead of the briefing.

Crozier was initially sacked in April, but later resigned, Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modley said it was a poor judgment for widespread dissemination of a warning about the spread of the virus on his ship, which eventually reached the press.

Several defense officials told CNN that the Navy recommended Crozier be returned to the carrier after a preliminary hearing later that month.

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Officials told CNN the Navy was so confident that the Pentagon leadership would recommend Crozier’s reinstatement, and a planned press conference had to be held to announce the results, with Defense Secretary Mark Esper not immediately accepting the results. The Secretary of the Navy, James E. Schwarzenegger, is set to launch an extensive investigation. Makphersan.

Before the Navy stopped publishing data on the number of affected sailors, Roosevelt spread to over 1,000 personnel, causing a major controversy in the Navy, leading to Modley’s resignation.

The Crozier memo, which set up a chain of events, warned the Navy leadership that decisive action was needed to save ship crew lives. “We are not at war. Sailors do not have to die. If we do not act now, we are failing to look after our most trusted asset – our sailors,” three US defense officials confirmed to CNN.

Modali resigned a few days after organizing the event, which included an expedition to Guam, $ 240,000, where he blamed Crozier and advised sailors to make public comments to Crozier’s crew.

“I believe that if there is ever a time to ask for help, it will have no impact on my career,” Crozier wrote in his email, a US official familiar with the matter confirmed to CNN.

The email was sent to Crozier’s immediate superior, Baker, and many other senior Navy officers in the area.

The Secretary of Defense announced the review with the aim of increasing racial equity and diversity in the U.S. military

The investigation did not err in sending Crozier to the email and attaching the memo, but erred in not having all the facts in hand, leaving people to be seen, and not warning Baker in advance.

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In his memo, Crozier urged Navy leaders to take immediate steps to address the situation.

“Decisive action is needed. It may seem unusual to remove most of the crew from the deployed US nuclear carrier and separate them for two weeks,” his memo reads.

“This is a necessary risk. This will allow the carrier and air wing to return as quickly as possible while ensuring the health and safety of our sailors. Putting 4,000 young people on the TR board is an unnecessary risk and breakdown with the sailors entrusted to our care,” Crozier added.

Video of Crozier’s clapping from his crew when he left the plane after his initial expulsion went viral on the Internet and many lawmakers have called for his re-appointment.

This story is broken and updated.

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