Franకోois Fillon: A five-year prison sentence for the French prime minister

Franకోois Fillon: A five-year prison sentence for the French prime minister
Adam D. Crook
Written by Adam D. Crook

In this judgment, Phelan paid hundreds of thousands of euros from public payroll for his wife and children, as well as Joulad, for little or no work.

Filan was sentenced to five years in prison, three of them suspended, as well as a fine of 375,000 euros (3 423,000) and a ten-year ban on contesting elections.

His wife Penelope was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 75 375,000.

Filons and their co-defendant were ordered to repay the French National Assembly one million euros (13 1.13 million).

“This decision … is not fair and we will appeal,” said Fillon’s attorney, Antonin Levy BFM-TV. “There will be a new investigation. We have begun to understand the ridiculous circumstances in which this investigation has been launched over the past few days.”

The scandal broke out

Between 2007 and 2012, Filon was Prime Minister under President Nicolas Sarkozy.

His problems are just beginning French satire newspaper in 2017 Le Conard Enchina Reports have surfaced that his wife and his two children have earned almost 1 1 million as parliamentary deputies for fake jobs.

He rejected claims at the time, saying his wife had served as a deputy for 15 years and had held a number of roles, including managing her schedule and representing him in extracurricular activities. He said his daughter and son have been working in similar positions for 15 months and six months, respectively, which is not illegal, but “a judgment error.”

Scandal Derailed his campaign In 2017 the French presidency and Emmanuel Macron showed the way to victory.
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