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Germany has imposed a new lockdown around the slaughterhouse outbreak

US Coronavirus Update: The latest about cases, deaths and reopening
Barbara C. Arroyo

The German state of North Rhine-Westphalia has imposed a new lockdown around a meat factory that has been infected by the coronavirus.

The North Rhine-Westphalia prime minister announced Tuesday that the district – which has a Tony’s meat processing plant – and the sight of a Kovid-19 cluster that has sickened 1,553 workers will return to lockdown operations.

Armin Laschet said the sanctions in Getzloh are valid for a week until June 30, similar to the lockdown measures introduced in March.

Outbreak in the meatpacking plant is tied to Germany’s overall coronavirus regeneration rate with the country’s public health agency’s spike.

The cluster prompted the closure of daycare centers and schools in the area, and an army was deployed to help with the testing efforts.

The lockdown acts include no group contact and all restaurants, pubs, bars, swimming pools and fitness studios are closed.

Meanwhile, the Getzloh district is trying to improve communication with workers at Tonnies and is calling for volunteer translators. Officials said most of the workers being tested were from Romania, Bulgaria and Poland, and the district announced Tuesday that it was looking for 150 translators by the end of September.

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