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Here are the latest coronavirus developments around the US

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Barbara C. Arroyo
White House Press Secretary Kylie McEnany spoke at a news conference at the White House in Washington on June 17. Alex Wang / Getty Images

At a rally on Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma, White House press secretary Kylie McEnany did not answer directly when asked if President Trump or the White House would take responsibility if the coronavirus caught it.

McEnaney swung an extended exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta, but did not respond directly to the question.

“This campaign has taken some steps to ensure it is a safe rally, temperature checks, hand sanitizers and masks,” McEnany said at a press conference Wednesday. “We are taking care.

CNN reported that Trump was attending an upcoming rally Accept not to sue Propagation if they are infected with coronavirus.

Rallygoers are asked to RSVP and enter the program, and they must accept that there is “an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place where people are located.”

Asked if attendees were required to wear masks, McNally said they were not required.

“They are given the mask, and it is up to them to make that decision,” she said, adding that “CDC guidelines are recommended, but not required,” and that it is “a personal choice of individuals.”

McNaney accused the media of lacking “internal coherence”, saying that the same questions were not asked by protesters across the country after George Floyd’s death.

Attending the political rally, Ecosta pointed out that they were marching against injustice, racism and police brutality, and again asked if the president or the White House would take responsibility if people were sick.

McEnany deflected, attacked the health professionals who came to support the protests and reiterated that the campaign had “taken some steps to ensure it was a safe rally.”

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Asked by another reporter after the White House position whether public events and indoor events pose the same risk for coronavirus, McEnany said, “This is a White House position,” and the media should not make decisions about their guidelines based on social distance. On political ideology. ”

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