India has banned Ticktock and 58 other apps as tensions with China escalated

India has banned Ticktock and 58 other apps as tensions with China escalated
Adam D. Crook
Written by Adam D. Crook
Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India Said in a statement There were many complaints on Monday about the misuse and transmission of user data by some mobile applications to servers outside India.

“The compilation of this data, its mining and profiling through contradictory aspects of India’s security and security that will ultimately affect India’s sovereignty and integrity, is a matter of deep and immediate concern, requiring urgent action,” the ministry said in a statement. That said, listing 59 apps, including.

The Indian government’s statement did not mention the name of China, but the ban came amid military tensions between the two countries. Continue to calm down At least 20 Indian soldiers were killed in the aftermath of the deadly border clashes earlier this month. There are many Indians Called for a boycott Of Chinese goods and services, especially from China’s dominant technology industry.

“There is a strong chorus in the public sphere to take stringent action on applications that jeopardize Indian sovereignty and the privacy of our citizens,” the government said. Other popular Chinese apps on the list include the video game Clash of Kings, Messaging app WeChat, social network Weibo and photo app CamScanner.

TickTalk, the most popular video platform owned by Chinese tech giant Bytdance India is estimated to have 120 million customers, Has transformed the country into one of its biggest markets.

Building a local management team in countries like India is “critical to our global success,” a TickTok spokesperson said in a statement.

“The Baitdance team, which employs nearly 2 thousand employees in India, is committed to working with the government to demonstrate our commitment to consumer security and our commitment to the entire country,” the statement said.

This is not the first time Ticktock has been in trouble with the Government of India. The app is there Last year was briefly blocked in India After the court ruled that the child could be subjected to sexual predators, pornography and cyberbullying. The app is there Re-established a week later After successfully appealing the decision of the court.
India’s diplomatic tensions with China are beginning Has a knock-on effect Depending on business and technology, full decoupling can be It’s easier to say than to do. China dominates India’s massive Internet market – the world’s second largest 600 million users – In both hardware and software. Chinese companies Shiomi, Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus Account Over half of India The smartphone market, According to industry statistics and Chinese tech legends Alibaba (Baba) And Tencent (TCEHY) Some of the country’s most valuable startups are major investors.
However, the ban would be “a blow to the Chinese app industry that loses its strong established footprint outside its home country.” According to the To the Canalys Research Institute.
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