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Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump ‘Tired’ at Brad Parscale on Rally Crowd Size Estimates

Who is Brad Parscale?
Barbara C. Arroyo

“Jared and Ivanka have been at odds with Brad over the size of the audience,” the source said.

A Kushner spokeswoman said Sunday that they were “lying” with Parkscale. And Parscale declined to comment on the story.

The rush did not appear on Saturday, prompting the president to suddenly abandon plans to talk to the “overflow” area outside the arena. Only about 6,200 attended, the Tulsa Fire Department said Sunday. Six campaign staff in Tulsa tested positive for coronavirus – a statement that caused Trump to erupt when reports overwhelmed the rally’s coverage.

Trump “has every right to vote” in Tulsa, according to a special campaign.

“They were gifted to the adversaries and the media. It was overly self-confident,” the source said of Parscale and other campaign staff close to the event’s planning.

Campaign officials should rethink the idea of ​​holding rallies in the arena and start thinking of public venues such as aircraft hangars, the source continued.

Presidential donors and friends also smoked Sunday in the wake of Trump’s poorly attended rally, a man who is seeking re-election told CNN.

He said the blame from the camp was focused on Parscale, some of whom were already skeptical. Some donors and friends are feeling the rally – in which the campaign has taken a decision rather than maintaining a reasonable expectation of enthusiasm for the rally – to sharply alleviate the management problems in the campaign, the man said.

“What happened last night is representative of a much bigger problem,” the man noted.

As CNN reported, some Republicans working on the campaign were worried that the reelection team would not fit into the political landscape before November – a global pandemic for racial justice and the national movement is moving away from race.

In the hours following the rally, Parscale took to Twitter, blaming poor voting on many issues, including the media, protests and security gates. He suggested that a coordinated effort to encourage people to register and not show up online in the days leading up to the rally could play a role in voting.

Another campaign consultant summed up the evening by saying, “It went poorly.”

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The adviser said Parscale was already under pressure from the Trump campaign, and the president has occasionally expressed disappointment over his performance over the past few weeks.

The adviser said Parscale was experiencing a “lack of confidence” from Trump’s inner circle.

“Kellyanne (Conway), (Paul) Manafort and Corey (Lewandowski) have never had rally size issues,” the adviser said of Trump’s former campaign manager.

This story has been updated with additional developments.

CNN’s Jamie Ehrlich contributed to the report.

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