Joel Schumacher, director of Batman films and ‘St. Elmos Fire, died at the age of ’80

Joel Schumacher, director of Batman films and 'St. Elmos Fire, died at the age of '80
Henry L. Joiner
Written by Henry L. Joiner

Schumacher has worked on a variety of films, including the teenage vampire story “The Lost Boys”, Julia Roberts’ Melodrama “Dying Young”, the dark satire “Falling Down” starring Michael Douglas and a couple thrillers adapted from the John Grisham novels. , “The Client” and “A Time to Kill.”

However, he was best known in some circles for his association with the Batman franchise, which directed “Batman Forever” and “Batman & Robin” in the 1990s, a notable departure from the darker approach that director Tim Burton brought to the films.

In 2017 Vice interviewSchumacher apologized to frustrated fans of those films, which starred Wal Kilmer and George Clooney respectively – “I think I owe them.” He added a popular option to add more sexy parts to Batman’s costume, which I would always go over on Batman, starting with “Batman Forever.” “

Born in Queens, Schumacher attended Parsons School of Design at New School University and worked as a window dresser before coming to Hollywood as a costume designer, including an early job in the Woody Allen sci-fi comedy “Sleeper.”

Schumacher became a writer in the 1970s – including “The Wiz” and “Car Wash” – before beginning his career as a director with TV movies, and later starring Lily Tomlin in “The Incredible Shrinking Woman” and “DC Cab.”

As an example of the ensemble cast of “Saint Elmos” and “Lost Boys”, Schumacher has developed a reputation for recognizing young talent, including Demi Moore, Rob Lowe and Kiefer Sutherland.

Most recently, Schumacher directed the film version of “The Phantom of the Opera” and a few episodes of the Netflix drama “House of Cards.”

Schumacher, who is gay, gave an interview Himalayan griffins vultures Last year he honestly discussed his life and career choices.
Producer-director Bryan Fuller Tweeted He recalled knowing that Schumacher was gay, “his visibility was important, nipples and all.”

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