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Ladd-of-LA hospitality staff have a chateau marmont past the ‘car caravan’

Ladd-of-LA hospitality staff have a chateau marmont past the 'car caravan'
Barbara C. Arroyo

Workers from Chateau Marmont and other LA hotels held a “car caravan” on Wednesday in front of the famed hotel to address their need for health insurance.

Almost all of the legendary hotel’s 242 employees were evacuated in March without insurance or break-ins after the lockdown began. “We ended up in a pandemic and then our health care [benefits were] Mike Racanelli, who worked as a bellman at the hotel for five years, told Page Six. “We were left high and dry.”

Martha Moran, who worked there for 33 years and suffered from diabetes, told us, “I don’t know what I would do if I got sick.”

Tuesday, LA Council Member David Rue sent a letter Chateau owner Andr బ Balazque to work with him to find ways to provide “basic protections” for workers and to guarantee “employer-sponsored health insurance for workers laid off.”

Balaz responded that in May, hoteliers “gave more than 250,000, 000”. “Affected employees receive an evenly divided financial aid based on seniority, which provides at least $ 350 for everyone who has worked for months for our most valuable, long-term employees,” Balaz said. “All members of our team today have full and full health care benefits.”

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