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Missouri woman apologizes for BLM supporter’s ‘KKK trust’

Missouri woman apologizes for BLM supporter's 'KKK trust'
Barbara C. Arroyo

A Missouri woman has reportedly apologized to a Black Lives Matter supporter who wanted to send her livetree to her granddaughters – saying she had no recollection of making these comments.

Kathy Jenkins wrapped a camera on Sunday in a Confederate flag and praised her “KKK confidence” at the Black Lives Matter rally outside the Dixie Outfitters store in Branson.

“I teach my granddaughters to hate all of you,” Jenkins said during a heated exchange and video show for a performer.

On Wednesday, Jenkins said she lost her job and left Branson. Called into KOLR10 Newsroom and apologized.

“I’m like, I’m sorry,” she told the outlet. “I mean, if it helps me stand up to Black Lives Matter, I’ll definitely do that.”

Jenkins, who met with about 50 counter-protesters, said Wednesday that he had accidentally ended up with a group supporting the Confederate flag.

It was her first time at the rally, and in fact she symbolized the unity of the crowd before handing over the flag.

Prior to her on-camera comments, Jenkins told the station “Black Lives Matter is chanting.”

“I didn’t say anything until they came to my face… I was blacking out. I don’t even remember saying half the things I said, ”she added.

Sunday Black Lives Matter rally organizer Faith Pitzer did not buy Jenkins’ claims.

“She knows what she’s doing. She has been there from scratch, hearing obscenities and hateful words against our protesters, ”Pitzer said in a statement to KOLR10.

“I don’t know what the Confederate flag is and I think what it represents is irrelevant and untrue,” the organizer wrote.

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