MLB aims to play 60 games by 2020, after teams unanimously voted to continue the season

MLB aims to play 60 games by 2020, after teams unanimously voted to continue the season
Niki J. Layton
Written by Niki J. Layton

Commissioner Rob Manfred will decide how many games will be played. The league wants to know if players are ready to report to spring training camp by July 1 and whether the union agrees on health and safety protocols.

A source familiar with the talks told CNN that the league is aiming for a 60-game regular season if players comply with health and safety protocols.

The latest evolution comes after weeks of discussions between the MLB and the union The two sides have not agreed for the 2020 season.

“In order to create a schedule with a certain number of games, we want the Players’ Association to provide us with two pieces of information at 5:00 pm (ET) tomorrow evening,” the league said in a statement on Monday. “The first is whether the players can report to the camp in seven days (as of July 1). Second, the Players’ Association agrees on the operating manual that contains the health and safety protocols necessary to give us the best opportunity. Manage and complete our regular season and postseason.”

Earlier Monday, MLBPA rejected MLB’s offer of a 60-game season.

“Although we expect to amend the contract with the league, the players are fully committed to continuing with our current agreement and for the fans, the game and for each other to get back on the field,” MLBPA said.

The union’s final offer is for a 70-game season with full prorated salaries.

Under the March deal, players receive a prorated salary if they play a half-season. The March agreement states that both MLB and MLBPA will try their best to schedule as many games as possible for the 2020 contract.

Cincinnati Reds pitcher who speaks publicly Trevor Bauer took to Twitter To Express his displeasure At a continuing gridlock in negotiations between the two companies.

“I believe there is an agreement here that benefits everyone involved and I honestly don’t know what’s holding up,” said Bauer, adding that fans, a large number of players and owners all want baseball. “To treat the industry as it is is a complete death. On both sides. We are driving the bus straight off a cliff.”

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These stalled negotiations are “causing irreparable damage to our industry right now on regulations that have been out for several months,” Bauer said.

CNN’s Kevin Dotson contributed to this report.

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