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North Korea blew up its liaison office in Kaesang, which is used for talks with South Korea

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Barbara C. Arroyo

The four-story building is located in the town of Kaizong on the North Korean side of the non-military zone that divides the two countries. Black smoke was seen on the site Tuesday afternoon from the South Korean side of the border.

The liaison office has been closed since January 30 due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the South Korean unification ministry said. The ministry said the South Korean staff had not come to the building since then.

North Korea has not claimed responsibility for the demolition of the building, but Pyongyang has issued several threats to Seoul in recent days. Recent a North Korean state media published a statement Tuesday Pyongyang said it had launched an “intensive retaliation campaign” in response to a group of defectives planning to use balloons to send anti-North Korean leaflets north of the DMZ.

North Korea said the pamphlets violated the agreement signed by Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in at their first summit in 2018. “Both leaders agreed to halt all hostilities and eliminate their means of broadcasting through loudspeakers and distributing leaflets.” Along the shared boundary. It is illegal for average North Koreans to use information that the country’s powerful propaganda does not approve of, and doing so would have dire consequences.

The liaison office was reopened and restored as part of the deal to help the two Koreans exchange information, but its future was in doubt last week when North Korea announced it would cease all communications with South Korea, including directly linking the leaders of the two countries to the pamphlets, including the hotline.

“The brave and recent act of ignorance has hurt our supreme leadership’s dignity,” the statement read by KCNA Tuesday.

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“To the South Korean authorities, the world will see clearly what harsh punishment our people will suffer and how they will wipe out human scum from the earth.”

Kim Yo Jong, the sister of Kim Jong Un and perhaps the second most powerful man in the country, has demanded that the South Korean government punish the defectors, calling her “traitors”, “human scum” and “riff-raff”. According to a statement issued by North Korean state news agency KCNA on Saturday, it is the prestige and honor of our supreme leader who represents our country.

Kim also stated in the statement that the North Korean liaison office was in some way destroyed.

“Before long, the tragic scene of the useless North-South Joint Office has completely collapsed,” she said in a statement on Saturday.

As Pyongyang said last week that it had stopped communicating with South Korea altogether, it was unclear whether anyone was inside the building.

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