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North Korea plans to release anti-South Korea leaflets

North Korea plans to release anti-South Korea leaflets
Barbara C. Arroyo

North Korea has decided to take a pamphlet from South Korea’s playbook.

Outraged officials in the Hermit Kingdom have been ill for years with anti-regime propaganda pamphlets used by South Korean North Korean defenders in balloons and bottles.

By returning to Seoul, and extending its ally to the US, the North Koreans have accumulated a pile of leaflets “big like the hill”, denouncing South Korean and North Korean defectors that they will soon head south. State news agency KCNA reported Friday.

On the Korean Peninsula last week, Kim Jong Un’s younger sister, Kim Yo Jong, threatened military action against the South when he ordered a liaison office between the two countries.

The South Korean military stopped sending anti-North propaganda on the border in 2010.

Many groups led by the Defenders, including US allies, have sent food, dollar bills, mini-radios and flyers via balloons or river bottles to the north over US sticks and borders of South Korean news. .

South Korea’s unification ministry called North Korea’s anti-South campaign “sad” and urged the country to abandon the plan.

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