Novak Djokovic tests for coronavirus after the Adria Tour event

Novak Djokovic tests for coronavirus after the Adria Tour event
Niki J. Layton
Written by Niki J. Layton
The Adria Tour at Jadar last weekend, Embroiled in conflict After the final cancellation of the positive test of Grigor Dimitrov.

World No. 1 tennis star Djokovic, who will play in Sunday’s final, confirmed on Tuesday that he and his wife, Jelena, had tested positive for Kovid-19 after returning to Serbia, and his children’s results were negative.

The 17-time Grand Slam champion regretted that the tournament was hurt and admitted that “we made a mistake and it happened too soon.” He said organizers share health resources with those attending events in Zadar, Belgrade, Serbia and Croatia.

“I’m sorry for causing our tournament harm. The organizers and I did everything last month. We did it with a pure heart and a heartfelt purpose. We believed the tournament met all health protocols and the health of our region seemed to be in good stead. We were finally uniting people for philanthropic reasons. We have done it and it has happened very quickly. I cannot express enough how sorry I am for this and every infection case, ”he said in a statement posted on his Twitter account.

“If you are attending the Adria Tour or around attendees, please test and practice social distance. For those in Belgrade and Jadar, we will share health resources in the future. The rest of the tournament has been canceled and we will remain focused on all those affected. I pray for everyone’s full recovery.”

Earlier, Djokovic defended the event in a statement on its website, hosting a four-stage charity event in the Balkans.

“All of this was born of a philanthropic idea. It warms my heart to see all the funds raised go towards the people who need it and how everyone responds to it,” said the tennis star.

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“We have hosted a tournament when the virus is weak, and we believe the conditions for the tour are fulfilled.

“Unfortunately, this virus is still there, and it’s a new reality that we’re still learning to deal with and live with.

“I hope things will get easier with time, so we can all resume our lives the way they are. I am very sorry for each person’s infection. I hope it doesn’t complicate anyone’s health and make everyone feel better.”

Djokovic said he will be alone for the next 14 days and will do another test in five days.


With the ATP Tour discontinued until August 14, the Adria Tour kicked off in Serbia earlier this month and both events were attended by fans.

Eight players competing in Jadar last weekend were physically photographed, posed for photos, and played basketball together. Croatian Borna Koric has confirmed that he has tested positive for coronavirus.

Tennis players posed for photos during the Adria Tour event in Jadar, Croatia. Korik, Dimitrov and Djokovic then tested positive for coronavirus, while Zverev returned a negative test.

Fellow player Nick Kyrgios called the tour a “bonehead”, pointing out the lack of social distance between tennis great Chris Evert players.

“Everything we have done in the last month, we have done with a pure heart and a sincere purpose,” Djokovic’s statement also said of the Adria Tour.

“Our tournament aims to unite and share a message of solidarity and compassion across the region.

“The tour is designed to provide some competitive tennis for established and upcoming tennis players from southeastern Europe.

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