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Over 500,000 people were killed by Kovid-19. About a quarter of them are American

Over 500,000 people were killed by Kovid-19. About a quarter of them are American
Barbara C. Arroyo
According to data, the latest death toll is more than 502,000 Johns Hopkins University, Cases are increasing and spreading in countries around the world.
The United States According to JHU, at least 125,800 deaths were reported – about one-fourth of the world’s total as of Monday.
More than 10.1 million people worldwide are infected with the disease. Over the past few days, the Kovid-19 crisis has intensified in the US, where only two states – Connecticut and Rhode Island – There has been a recent decline in cases.

There were an increase in cases in 36 U.S. states last week. In Florida, authorities recorded 9,585 new cases on Saturday, a single day record since the pandemic began. Another 8,530 cases were reported in the state on Sunday.

Weeks after the lockdown, several US states began reopening, at least one Dozens of people stopped their plans To make the restrictions easier.

The governor of Texas, the second most populous state in the US, paused Thursday for the region’s reopening plan and ordered more restrictions on businesses, including bars.

Governors of states including Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Nevada, New Mexico and North Carolina have all announced that they will go back to the starting point.

Some governors attributed the growth of their states to more extensive testing – but former CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden told Fox News on Sunday that the rise of cases in the US south is due to the country’s rapid opening up.

Other countries that have begun to get out of the lockdown are also having trouble catching up with the local outbreak.

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In China, around 400,000 people in Anxin County, near Beijing, have been subjected to lockdown activities after a short rise in cases in the area.

People in the area are only allowed to buy a family member from their home every day, and all locally unregistered vehicles are prohibited from entering the province, according to a local government statement.

Elsewhere, 100,000 new Kovid-19 infections have been reported over the past six days nationwide. Fears are mounting over the Delhi situation where hospitals are struggling with shortage of medics and beds for patients.

A total of 548,318 people were infected and 16,475 people died, the Ministry of Health said on Monday.

Meanwhile, in Australia, authorities are trying to spread the state of Victoria. Health officials reported 75 positive results Sunday, the largest single-day cases in the state since March 30.

Victoria health officials have implanted a “testing blitz” in the state and said they have conducted 53,000 tests in the area since the process began on June 25.

And a cluster in the city of Leicester, England. A lawmaker representing the area has called for a local lockdown in the city. Authorities have registered 866 Kovid-19 cases in Leicester over the past two weeks, according to the PA news agency.

Cases are also on the rise in Latin America, one of the main drivers behind the rise in world case records over the past few weeks.

Brazil recorded 30,476 new cases in 24 hours on Sunday. More than 1.3 million cases have been reported in the country, yet reopening in cities including Rio de Janeiro.

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The president of Mexico announced Monday that the nation’s capital, Mexico City, will be gradually reopening on Monday, with another 4,050 new cases reported on Sunday. Mexico ranks 7th in the world in Covid-19 deaths, behind Spain.

Both Colombia and Peru have reported increasing cases. The number of Colombian cases now stands at 91,995, and on Sunday authorities recorded 167 new deaths, the nation’s highest death toll since the beginning of June.

CNN’s Christina Maxouris, Elliott C. McLaughlin, Swati Gupta, Shan Deng and Isaac Yee contributed to this report.

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