President talks, Modi challenges China

Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor and current lawyer for U.S. President Donald Trump, speaks to members of the media during a White House Sports and Fitness Day at the South Lawn of the White House May 30, 2018 in Washington, DC.
Adam D. Crook
Written by Adam D. Crook
The mastermind behind Donald Trump Ukraine Embroglio She is now sticking her shoe in presidential debates this autumn. President Fixer, who became the former mayor of New York, nominated Trump beyond the three traditional debates between the two major party candidates before the election.

The presidential debates are sponsored by the nonprofit commission under the supervision of both parties. They are constant affairs – because of all the conditions that every campaign usually imposes. It is clear to think that Trump Biden has lost a step, which he hopes he can bring to the Americans with his burning earth debate strategy. But Biden himself is not a bad debater – he never topped the Democratic campaign debates, and he worked hard on the vice presidential debates when Barack Obama was on the ticket.

Trump’s Gambit is an interesting challenge for Biden. Trump wants Biden to stay in his basement until November, if he refuses a series of debates, Biden can’t handle the heat. Why Biden Camp With Gideiani – His old former rival, Who went to Ukraine to investigate corruption charges against him? And strategically, why should Trump be given more opportunities to get level terms?

If Trump wanted to play fair, he wouldn’t have chosen Giuliani. The inclusion of a pro-Trump street fighter suggests that adopting a traditional public exercise in democracy is less of a goal, and more like another backroom scheme to make Biden look bad.

‘Did you get the impression that the Supreme Court didn’t like me?’

The Supreme Court blocked Thursday The Trump administration’s attempt to end the deferred action for child arrival, Which protects millions of people who illegally brought children to America from deportation. A crucial vote was taken in four of the five judgments By conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, Who wrote the opinion. “We do not decide whether DACA or its recovery are good policies,” Roberts wrote. “Knowledge of those decisions” is not our concern. “We will only address whether the agency meets the procedural requirements of providing a reasonable explanation for its action.”
But Trump, who was recently disappointed with another Scotus ruling against hiring LGBTQ people, seemed to take it personally. “Did you get the impression that the Supreme Court did not like me?“He tweeted Thursday.

Postcard from Cart Delhi

Deadly confrontation Since 1975, Indian and Chinese troops have been held this week in a remote valley in the Himalayas. Until last week, the two countries seemed to be trying to escalate tensions on the region’s contentious border. Monday’s fierce battle between border soldiers demonstrates how quickly unresolved issues between neighboring legends can be fatal.
It all started with a tent, the source of the Indian Armed Forces tells me. Chinese troops built a shelter on the contentious land, and when the Indian soldiers and a commanding officer overthrew it, the Chinese troops departed – but returned later that day with reinforcements, stones and bamboo poles. Do not carry firearms Chinese or Indian troops Along the China-India border.

They fought for at least four hours in a bloody confrontation that killed 20 Indian soldiers. A statement from the Indian Army mentions casualties on both sides, but China has not admitted any casualties. (CNN has not independently verified the details of the collision.)

For the next 36 hours, India’s popular Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not publicly protested. “Why is the Prime Minister so silent? Why is he hiding? We have to know what happened,” a senior member of the main opposition party of India, Rahul Gandhi, tweeted. But on Wednesday afternoon, Modi dashed a line in the sand: “India seeks peace, but has the ability to answer appropriately when provoked,” he said. He said the sacrifice of Indian soldiers was not in vain.

Here’s Modi’s dilemma: Taking bold diplomatic or economic measures against China can hamper cross-border negotiations – but little or no action can discourage China’s infiltration efforts and further undermine Modi’s domestic support.

Here in New Delhi, 60 protesters, including Army veterans outside the Chinese embassy, ​​protested. The defective posters and scarecrows of the Chinese president were burned in some parts of the country. Since Wednesday, #BoycottChina and #GoChina have been trending on Twitter in India. Demand for disassembling Chinese applications and goods is growing. There have been strong murmurs about the cancellation of Chinese contracts in the telecom and rail sector. Blinded by nationalist sentiments, a fundamental fact China is one of India’s largest trading partners Overlooked by the Indians.

Confronting China’s relentless efforts for regional domination is one of the biggest challenges Modi faces now in his second term, especially after the informal summit with Wuhan and Xi Jinping in South India failed to reduce the confidence deficit on the border shared by the two nuclear powers. – CNN’s Vedika Sud wrote from New Delhi, meanwhile

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