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Protesters tore down a statue of Francis Scott Key in San Francisco Park

Protesters tore down a statue of Francis Scott Key in San Francisco Park
Barbara C. Arroyo

San Francisco demonstrators tear down statue of Francis Scott Key – author of “Star-Spangled Banner” and slave owner.

A group of Junetean protesters removed the monument at Golden Gate Park Friday night after heavily tagging it with anti-slavery and anti-colonial graffiti.

They built a memorial near the park by President Ulysses S. Grant was demolished.

According to the American Civil War Museum, Grant led the Union Army during the Civil War, but was married into a family that had slaves and had a slave for a year before the war.

According to The Smithsonian, Key, who wrote the lyrics of “free land,” went to court to defend the right to own slaves.

There were about 400 protesters in the park as monuments were removed and no arrests were made. According to a local NBC affiliate.

Statues dedicated to white people with ties to slavery or the Confederacy have been targeted in recent weeks during the unrest of the killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police.

Shortly after the protesters demolished the San Francisco monument, protesters in Washington, DC burned down a lone Confederate statue of the nation’s capital, General Albert Pike.

In Richmond, Virginia, protesters were trained on the city’s federal statues. Earlier this month, demonstrators dragged the monument to Confederate States of America President Jefferson Davis, located along the city’s storied Monument Avenue.

The most controversial Confederate statue of the street, General Robert E. Lee’s massive monument has become the center of protest in the city. It was also heavily damaged, with protesters displaying Floyd’s face on its pedestal.

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Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has announced the removal of the 60-foot-tall Lee statue, temporarily blocked by ongoing court orders.

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