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Racist threats come after Kansas City mayor issued masked orders

Racist threats come after Kansas City mayor issued masked orders
Barbara C. Arroyo

The mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, received public threats and racist messages that residents were required to wear masks when they were out in the open – a declaration that he was “gutting the tree” for establishing this policy.

Quinton Lucas, in black, shared the texts he had received and a photo of the doctor In the Twitter thread Monday – the same day his mask order went into effect.

Order, it is Announced last Friday, Will run for up to two weeks.

The mayor shows a string of threatening texts accusing the Mayor of “not responding to whites.” The sender was also upset about the need for the mask, saying, “What are the consequences of not wearing the mask from Tuesday?”

Before Lucas could reply, the sender called him the n-word and suggested the mayor be executed.

“You need to ing from the tree. I’m not threatening it, but would love to see it,” they wrote.

When asked by the Kansas City Star Sports Reporter how often it happened, “The disadvantage of COVID has increased and continued through the protest movement and is now very regular from various extremes.”

“The actual racial prejudices and threats are very rare. The general anti-sabotage is now typical. I find this to continue for a while.” Lucas wrote.

Another post showed a side-by-side comparison of the man’s edited and un-edited photo and another of a man holding T-shirts at a radio station.

The edited photo shows Lucas and the other man holding T-shirts that say ‘F *** the Police’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ – though the original photo shows that the shirts are ads for 96.5 The Buzz, Local. The FM station he is visiting.

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“Who takes a photo of a smiling f policeman at a rock station?” The mayor asked.

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