Rob Lowe’s surprising friendship with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Rob Lowe's surprising friendship with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
Henry L. Joiner
Written by Henry L. Joiner

The “Parks and Recreation” star He has been in Hollywood all this time, he has multiple friends groups, he doesn’t know many people, including people.
Thomas certainly falls into that latter category, and Lowe spoke with Conan O’Brien in a recent episode of the late-night show host’s podcast, “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.”

Lowe discusses his new podcast “Literally! With Rob Lowe” and says that he has had a variety of buds to invite guests to, as he has been in the industry for over 40 years.

“It could be Brat Pack people, it could be ‘West Wing’ people, ‘Parks and Rec’ people,” Lowe said. “It could be people (people) who are surprised that I’m friends … it’s really fun.”

O’Brien is surprised when someone asks him the name, named Lowe Thomas – much to O’Brien’s surprise.

The “Mental Samurai” host explained that the couple met years ago after Lowe joined a Horatio Alger CompanyHe described it as “a very special, very wonderful society, which not only provides scholarships for children from terrible, terrible backgrounds, but they are the best and brightest in their classes.”

“And the community of people in it is so beautiful. He’s one of them,” Lowe said. “That’s what we met. They put the medal on me in the halls of the Supreme Court.”

Thomas put the medal on him, Lowe said, and it broke their friendship.

Thomas gave Lowe his cell number and said he could call at any time, which the actor did when his son went to law school, Lowe said.

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“I’ll call this cell phone and he’ll answer it,” Lowe said. “And you’re like, ‘Geez, shouldn’t it be like a vetting process?’ And for 45 minutes, he’s advising me on what to do with my son’s V-A-Wis law school and clerk. “

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