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Rosanna Scotto is ready to ‘risk it all’ to cut her hair

Rosanna Scotto is ready to 'risk it all' to cut her hair
Barbara C. Arroyo

Rosanna Scotto is on her own when it comes to hair and makeup during the Coronavirus, but she’s ready for some professional help.

“I cut my own bangs and turned my daughter Jenna into my colorist,” Scotto owner “Good Day New York” host and fresco Page Six told Style. “I’m going to make an appointment as soon as Oscar Blondie reopens. I’m ready to get out, let me loose. I’m going to risk all this for a good haircut. “

She said, “I take care of my mask. You need to take some risk to look good. “

Although she needed some help from a renowned hairstylist, Scotto was able to tame her hair, a keratin hair treatment she received before incarceration, but admitted she lost her glam squad in the studio.

“You don’t know how low you take it. I was in the visual medium, so I was very focused on what we were doing on our show, ”she said. “But as a TV anchor, I don’t get on TV and I seem to get out of bed. So I am now in charge of my own hair and makeup on a regular basis. “

When it comes to skincare, she says, “It looks healthier than it did in the past because I put on heavy duty makeup every day. Now, since I am not going anywhere, I remove it quickly and my skin. “

Scotto said she has so many options for skincare, and it’s time for her to look at “all these drinks and options” she has collected from guests at the show. “I have my own beauty pharmacy counter.”

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