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The coronavirus “has brought this country to its knees,” says the CDC director

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Barbara C. Arroyo
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Dr. Anthony Fauci told the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Tuesday that Americans should not go out into the crowd – but they must wear a mask.

Simply put, Fauci said, “Plan A: Do not go into the crowd. Plan B: If you do, make sure you wear a mask. “

Because coronavirus is still actively spreading across the country, “America’s top epidemiologist says you shouldn’t be meeting the crowds.” You have to keep the distance. “

For those who go against public health guidelines for preventing congestion, Fouci said, “Please wear a mask. And when you wear a mask, whether you’re at an exhibition or a rally or where you’re animated, avoid – as best as you can – pull out your mask and shout. “

Addressing the younger generation at an earlier hearing, Fauci said, “If you get infected and spread the infection – even if you don’t get sick – you are part of the dynamics of the outbreak. And what you are promoting, accidentally – perhaps innocently – infecting someone, then infecting someone, then he is a person who is vulnerable. “

Some background: Fouci’s comments came as authorities in the southern states were warning Most are young Are testing positive for coronavirus.

Population changes have been recorded in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and other states – most of which are reopened.

While some officials have suggested more extensive testing, others have said the new cases have failed social distance from Americans.

Young people with coronavirus are less likely to get results, but they can still infect others at higher risk.

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“In some places, such as Florida, the latest epidemic is low, so expect a lower death rate in this generation … 20-40 year olds who are infected today may infect others,” said Dr. Tom Freeden, former director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Twitter.

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