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The Groupon Fireworks deal gave rise to the rise of pyrotechnics

The Groupon Fireworks deal gave rise to the rise of pyrotechnics
Barbara C. Arroyo

According to a report, Groupon is offering discounted fireworks as cities across the country complain that they are being tortured by continuous lights display.

The Ohio-based Phantom Fireworks Company, with podcasts nationwide, advertised the Group 40 ro 129 36-shot firebox this month, prompting business to skyrocket after coronavirus lockdowns. The Washington Post reported.

“Three months ago, when we closed all of our retail units, we were scared of the worst,” said William Weimer, the company’s vice president and general counsel.

“And then when we reopened, it was mid-May. I have to admit, we were absolutely shocked by the size of the customers.”

Groupon Voucher is no longer available on the site, but it has caught the attention of social media users who are trying to find out the source of fireworks that light up the skies across the country.

“Does this have anything to do with it? Groupon has been selling large boxes of #fireworks for the past few weeks, ” One Twitter user wrote, Added a screen grab of the Phantom Fireworks deal.

Others say the company – which has a store 70 miles from New York City in Easton, Pa. – is aggressively marketing to customers.

“These guys … are advertising heavily. My friends got circulars in the mail, and Groupon has been running nonstop for at least a month,” one user Flyer tweeted along with the photo.

It is unclear whether Groupon and other advertising gimmicks played a role in fireworks sales.

But Weimar noted that many of those who run for phantom fireworks to buy speakers are first-time buyers.

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“We have the deepest reductions we have provided this year,” Weimer told the Washington Post.

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