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The Intel community has blamed the NY Times report on the Russia-Taliban ountry plot

The Intel community has blamed the NY Times report on the Russia-Taliban ountry plot
Barbara C. Arroyo

Leading Intelligence Community officials are following the news that Russia has paid the Taliban to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan – denouncing a leak of sensitive information to the media.

CIA Director Gina Haspel, National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe and National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien issued statements every Monday, denying that such information was made public.

The three statements were identical in messaging, all declined to verify the report, and said intelligence was still being assessed. The statements mirrored one another because of concerns they raised over the leaks of intelligence bosses.

“We are still investigating the allegations cited in media reporting and will notify the president and congressional leaders in due time,” Ratcliff said Monday.

Haspel blew up leaks from the intelligence community, saying they “compromise and interrupt critical interrogation work to collect, assess, and attribute delinquency.”

On Friday The New York Times reported President Trump and the National Security Council were informed of the covert operations in March, but no action was taken in response.

The White House and the Commander-in-Chief have condemned the report on several occasions.

As reported by an anonymous source in “Fake News @ Times”, no one ever told me that the Russians attacked our troops in Afghanistan, @VPPence, or Chief of Staff ark Mark Meadows. Everybody condemns it & there haven’t been many attacks on us, ” Trump wrote on Twitter Sunday in connection with the report.

The National Security Council supports the White House’s denials, O’Brien said, “Although we do not normally discuss such matters, we constantly assess intelligence reports and brief the President as needed.”

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In support of Operation Resolution Support in southeastern Afghanistan. Special Operations Service members carry out combat operations
Members of the US Special Operations Service conduct combat operations in support of Operation Resolution Support in southeastern Afghanistan.75th Ranger Regiment

“Since the intelligence community has not verified or confirmed the allegations in recent press articles, President Trump did not elaborate on these issues. However, the administration, including the National Security Council staff, is preparing to take the situation to safety, ”O’Brien continued.

To blame a leak on sensitive information, O’Brien, along with Haspel and Ratcliffe, said, “For government officials, who believe that the leak of classified information is a public trust, your actions jeopardize our national security.” No matter the motivation, there is no justification for such behavior. “

The Taliban and the Russian Foreign Ministry also deny the allegation.

In an interview with NBC News On Monday, Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin and a senior official with the Kremlin, called the allegations “100 per cent bullocks.”

“You know, I would say it’s a little bit rude, but it’s 100 per cent bulls,” said Peskov, “it’s an undemocratic thing, but it’s bulls.”

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