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The mayor said she was ‘crucified’ to vote against a black official

The mayor said she was 'crucified' to vote against a black official
Barbara C. Arroyo

A white Michigan mayor has come under fire for saying she was “crucified” for not supporting the re-appointment of a black city official, calling for her resignation.

Ypsilanti Mayor Beth Bashert made a controversial comment at a zoom meeting Tuesday, when City Council members voted on the re-appointment of City Human Relations Commissioner Cahoran Gaines Detroit Free Press reports.

“If I vote against a black person in any commission, I’m going to vote yes because I’m going to be crucified,” Bashert told the conference.

Bashert eventually voted to reappoint Gaines, but the rest of the panel backed the mayor’s words and voted against the move, the Free Press reports.

Councilwoman Steve Wilcoxen “I can’t believe she really said that.” Told WJBK. “I can’t imagine she’s thinking those thoughts.”

After Bashert She apologized for her “biased” comment In a statement released Wednesday.

“Then I got the whole thing together by digging in and getting defensive when questioned,” Bashert said. “Those actions are racist. I am so ashamed and hurt for doing this. “

Bashert said she hopes to “repair” her relationship with council members, but admits she is a “racist person” because she grew up in a partisan culture and is imperfect.

“I care a lot about being racist, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a racist,” she continued in her lengthy statement. “I’m trying to fight racism in me.”

That Na Kulpa is not enough to satisfy some critics from a nonprofit group in Ypsilanti, Survivors Speak, that Bashert wants to quit on his announcement, the Free Press reported.

The group will hold a protest on Monday calling for Bashert’s resignation. If the Democrat does not step down, administrators plan to begin the recall process, the newspaper reports.


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