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The Yankees are ready to play ‘Aaron Hicks’ if the season starts in July

The Yankees are ready to play 'Aaron Hicks' if the season starts in July
Barbara C. Arroyo

The Yankees did not know the starting right fielder when the next game was played, but said the man in the middle of the outfield would be ready to chase fly balls in the gaps and refuse base runners to take extra base.

Aaron Hicks asked Friday if the season started late next month and whether his right knee, which had been repaired by his surgery, would allow him to participate.

“I’ll be ready to play,” Hicks told The Post by phone from Tampa, where he spent the past few weeks bouncing and screaming at George M. Steinbrenner Field. “The plan is to see where I am and get ready to play the game. For me, I want to get back to the arm strength I had before. ”

Hicks, who underwent Tommy John surgery after the Astros eliminated the Yankees from the ALCS last October, estimated his arm strength to be about 80 percent and improving.

“I’m doing well. I’m throwing up to 160 feet, taking BP on the field and doing defensive work, ” said Hicks, who was limited to 59 games a year ago due to a lower-back problem and a right-sided flexor injury that arose in spring training. In early August. “I’ll be fine [throwing] Every day and every week. The screaming strengthens. It’s definitely coming. When it wants it comes in its own ways. I’m not too far off. I’ll be throwing to the bases here very soon, think about next week. My arm feels great. ”

Switch-hitting Hicks has been practicing batting for two months, “trying to figure out the hitting again.”

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In addition to the forced detention of the coronavirus pandemic, 30-year-old Hicks’ son Jaylen was welcomed into the world on May 6 and had been in Tampa for two weeks.

Aaron Hicks
Aaron HicksN.Y. Posted by: Charles Wenzelberg

Given the importance of safety and health, the relatively small number of Yankees working in the Steinbrenner field were divided into four groups and unstable. Since Hicks is not in the Aaron Judge group, Hicks has no update on what the right fielder is doing when returning from a broken upper right rib that was discovered in spring training and believed the last ball was diving. September.

For a 60- or 70-game schedule, Hicks was asked about Dash’s challenge instead of playing the usual 162-game grind.

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“As a starter you have to know that you have to play every game because there is no time,” Hicks said, adding that Aaron Boone is wary of playing Brett Gardner and Mike Touchman. . “Anything can happen during the 60-game season.

“You have to come out fast and you have to come out strong. You have to create a divide between yourself and other teams.

Hicks, who had his right flexor muscle placed on the injured list in early August, said he had returned for the Astros series and had started 3, 4, 5 and 6 games at center field if he hadn’t played before. From August 3rd. Hicks batted .154 (2-for-17) with a homer and 17 RBI in those four postseason games.

Asked if he regretted that Tommy John might get in the way of needing surgery, Hicks said it was available for the Yankees.

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“I had the feeling that I would have to have surgery, so I regret it. The decision I made seemed to be for my team. I feel my team is strong with me at Team Tuffield, said Hicks, who is in the second phase of a seven-year contract worth ix 70 million.

Hicks, who has been on the injured list 11 times since entering the big leagues with the Twins in 2013, says he knows when his body is ready to play.

“Cough up the pain for a few games, that’s fine with me,” he said. “I thought this was something I had to do.

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