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To open separate companies during the Sellino & Barnes months

To open separate companies during the Sellino & Barnes months
Barbara C. Arroyo

Broken-up legal duo Cellino & Barnes says their new and exclusive law firms will open in the next few months, after The Post exclusively reported their divorce.

Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyers Ross Cellino Jr. and Stephen Burns – whose company owns the ear-worm jingle “Don’t wait! Call 8! “- In a joint statement,” For nearly 30 years, Ross Cellino and Steve Burns have built one of the most successful personal injury companies in New York State, focusing on achieving the best possible outcomes for each client.

“Today Ross and Steve have agreed to break up and have formed two separate companies, Cellino Law and The Burns Firm. The two will run in the next few months. Until then, all Cellino & Burns clients will be fully represented.”

Selino sued Burns in 2017 seeking to dissolve the law firm, and Burns opposed it until January, when their tumultuous separation played out in court for three years – the off-Broadway play “Cellino v.” In Brooklyn. It inspired the creation of Burns.

Cellino – which has more hair – Barnes once shouted at him in court papers, “Why the F-K want to do this when you make 10 million a year ?!”

A general view of the Cellino and Burns Billboard
Christopher Sadowski

The terms of the settlement are confidential.

Approximately 60 lawyers at the law firm now have a “solicitation period” when deciding whether to work under Cellino or Barnes. And it will be entirely up to the clients, the new company they choose to take over their cases, a source familiar with the matter told The Post.

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In the case of the easy-to-remember (800) -888-8888 hotline, the company is estimated to be “put on mothballs” for more than a year, and the couple exercises if one of their companies takes that number and sells it. Continue to put another company on or off the ice, The Buffalo News reported in March.

The source told The Post that commercials containing the old company will stop when new companies are up and running.

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