US Open Champion Bianca wants Andres to ‘overcome Serena’

US Open Champion Bianca wants Andres to 'overcome Serena'
Niki J. Layton
Written by Niki J. Layton
The 20-year-old became Canada’s first Grand Slam singles champion Serena defeated Williams In a series of sets at Flushing Meadows last year, but the teenager is far from her achievements to date.

Her goal is simple: to be the best in the world and to break records in the process.

“I want to overtake Serena [Williams] And her achievements. Maybe Chrissy Ewart knows too? Margaret Court, ”she told CNN Sport.

“I dreamed big; it really motivated me to step on the court and keep doing what I was doing.”


The youngster had some way to go before reaching the levels of Evert, Williams and Court – who had 18, 23 and 24 titles respectively – but last year’s US Open victory showed she was on the right track.

The pressure to pursue such success sits comfortably on such young shoulders. Above all, as she says, she is under pressure.

“Everything I do, I always give 150% and I always want to be the best,” she said. “I’ve put a lot of effort and a lot of sacrifice for my tennis career, so I want to be the best.

“Overcoming those players makes me better, but God has kept me going for whatever.”

Andreas responded after defeating Serena Williams in the US Open final.

Back to tennis

As with the rest of the tour, Andrీస్s has been out of action for several weeks as tennis has been postponed amid the coronavirus epidemic.

However, as sanctions across North America begin to ease, this year’s US Open will open on August 31, with the Canadian desperate to defend her title.

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Many top-tier players have expressed concern about hosting the event soon, but remain confident that Andrందనిs will be safe behind closed doors.

“I don’t think tennis is going to return anytime soon because it’s an international sport, but, honestly, I’m very happy to go back there and defend my title,” she said.

“I know that everyone involved is doing their best to keep everyone as safe as possible. When you look at all the other sports, I think it’s time for a return to tennis.”

US Open 2020

Even with the return of tennis, it looks very different.

The biggest change is probably the shortage of spectators in the stands, and what Andrescu knows is going to take some getting used to.

Fans played a huge role in winning her first Grand Slam in 2019, and Williams was overwhelmed by the crowd.

As it turned out, the partisan reception was all the inspiration she needed.

“Playing in front of an audience brings hype to everything. I’d say it’s a very good performance under pressure, so I thought the crowd gave me a push,” she said, adding that this year’s tournament is very different.

“It’s good to keep our minds in the back so people will definitely see it at home.”

Andreas is looking forward to defending the US Open title this year.

Last week, the New York government announced that Andrew Cuomo had implemented “extraordinary precautions” to ensure safety at the tournament, including “robust testing, additional cleaning, additional locker room space and dedicated housing and transportation.”

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However, WTA President Mickey Lawler said that ensuring that families could travel with players throughout the tournament was a major factor in accepting the plans.

“There was a big commitment because you were here for three to four weeks. So being with just one person here is a non-starter for families, so it’s a good place for the players to express concerns,” Lawler told CNN Sport.

The decision to allow more of the player’s entourage appeared to meet the needs of star players like Williams, who now stated her intention to participate.

Her inclusion, along with defending champion Andriesku, has been a huge boost to the organizers.

“She [Williams] Iconic athlete beyond tennis. Her voice has had a tremendous impact, so it is important to get approval from Serena, which is huge, ”said Lawler, adding that the WTA will continue to work with its medical partners to ensure the safety of the players.

‘Balancing Act’

Lawler hopes that all is well, and that the US Open is a sign of hope for tennis, but admits the current schedule is not perfect.

The tournament’s initial plans do not include mixed doubles, wheelchair tennis or junior competitions, but the United States Tennis Association (USTA) may re-evaluate the inclusion of wheelchair tennis. Huge criticism.

“It’s a very difficult balancing act and the easiest thing to do is say, ‘Let’s leave this and forget about 2020,'” she said.

“But it comes at a huge cost to everyone – the players, the tournaments and the whole sport.

“So kudos to the USTA for making this effort to create a plan that will provide a great opportunity for many. Is this the right plan? Absolutely not.”

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