Washington Post: Russian gifts and intelligence estimates show Taliban fighters believed to lead to deaths of US troops

Washington Post: Russian gifts and intelligence estimates show Taliban fighters believed to lead to deaths of US troops
Adam D. Crook
Written by Adam D. Crook

Many people familiar with the matter told the Post that it was unclear how many US troops were killed as a result of the ount missions.

CNN previously reported A Russian intelligence official for the military intelligence agency GRU recently gave money to the Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan as gifts if they killed US or UK troops, a European intelligence official said. Officials told CNN that the incentives offered by the Russians had led to coalition casualties, which were the deaths or injuries of service members. The officer did not specify the date of the casualties, their number or nationality, or whether these were fatalities or injuries.
There has been talk in the US intelligence community and top military commanders about the Russian operation and what exactly is going on to assess intelligence in the US intelligence community. Told CNN On a Sunday. Sources said some efforts were made to protect US forces due to intelligence.
The New York Times First reported US intelligence has concluded months ago that Russia has given military intelligence gifts in the midst of peace talks. President Donald Trump briefed on intelligence results and the White House’s National Security Council held a meeting about it in late March, according to the New York Times, according to officials briefed on the matter.
However, Trump has repeatedly denied receiving the briefing About intelligence that the Russians tried to bribe Taliban fighters to kill U.S. troops.
“Intel reported to me that they couldn’t find this information credible, so they didn’t report it to me or @VP,” He stated in a tweet Sunday evening.
But National Security Council spokesman John L Ulliyot He told the Times on Sunday night, “Continues to assess the veracity of the underlying allegations.”

Earlier Sunday, the president tweeted that intelligence reports that Taliban fighters had “not carried out too many attacks” on US troops could be “phony.”

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His tweet went a step further than a statement from the White House Saturday in which press secretary Kylie McEnany denied the report’s authenticity, but instead described Trump and Vice President Mike Pence as “Russian bounty intelligence.”

The Russian embassy in Washington, DC has condemned the Times report as “baseless allegations”, leading to death threats against Russian diplomats in Washington and London. The Taliban also rejected the report.

Since the start of America’s long war in 2001, the total number of US service members’ deaths has been more than 2,400. The US was the worst in five years in Afghanistan last year, killing 23 service members during 2019 operations in the country.

This story has been updated with additional background and the President’s tweet.

CNN’s Nick Patton Walsh, Barbara Starr, Veronica Straqualoursi, Devan Cole and Rodina Gigova contributed to this report.

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