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Supreme Court decision on Trump’s tax records is more urgent than ever (Opinion)

Supreme Court decision on Trump's tax records is more urgent than ever (Opinion)
Barbara C. Arroyo
The White House insists that President Donald Trump has never been briefed on intelligence reports – begs the question of why, if true. However, on Tuesday night, The The New York Times reported President Trump outlined Russian gifts in February – three months before he was unanimously invited Russia for G7 meetings.
At least, this is enough for a long time, despite the constant provocation by Trump and his team to avoid a confrontation with Vladimir Putin.
It also provides a fresh, imperative example of why Trump’s tax and business records are being rushed over to the Supreme Court’s decision on whether to hand it over to members of the House of Representatives and New York District Attorney. The verdict is due this week.

The Supreme Court’s decision of this session is closely watched, with huge implications for the separation of powers and the decision to fully inform American voters in the November presidential election.

Trump, with decades of antagonism in his refusal to release his tax returns, often makes fraudulent excuses as to why he cannot do so (among them, he is subject to what is the longest tax audit ever recorded). The truth is, he has done everything possible to avoid showing his finances to the American public, and Attorney General Bill Barr’s legal department now acts like the president’s personal counsel.
As CNN Legal Analyst Eli Hoenig points out, “All six different federal courts – three district courts and three courts of appeal panels – have heard these cases, and six have ruled against Trump.” In addition, court cases stemming from corruption in the Warren G. Harding administration – known as the Teapot Dome Scandal – Apply directly. Next 1924 Act Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steve Munich said the Treasury Secretary would “provide” such tax information sought by the relevant congressional committee, noting that it had “no legitimate legislative purpose.”

There is a clear public and legislative interest in finding out whether Trump has hidden business dealings with the Russians, which may explain his grotesque but persistent reluctance to confront Vladimir Putin on matters of American national interest.

Before Trump’s political career, he repeatedly boasted that his son Eric could bypass American banks – Many of these refuse to do business with the Trump company – because all the money the company needs is from Russia. In 2008, his son Don Jr. said one Real Estate Meeting “The Russians have a very uneven cross-section of our assets … we see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” Reuters reported that nearly 63 Russians have invested $ 100 million In the Trump buildings.
Russia is infamous Hawala And the two most frequent destinations are luxury real estate and casinos – both of which the Trump company has been operating in the past.
The share of Trump’s tax return case is not high
This is beyond academic concern. President Trump has been strangely soft on CNN’s 25-year-old Russia – suggesting that Moscow’s intervention in the U.S. elections may be to keep the conquered Ukrainian province of Crimea from undermining its interests, undermining and repealing the Obama-era sanctions. U.S. forces from Syria, praising pro-Russian leaders in Europe, and attacking NATO.
In addition, telling administration officials not to bring Russia and allegations of electoral interference with the president. Former Department of Homeland Security head Kirstjen Nielsen said the Russians’ involvement in the 2020 election should not bring the current concern to the president, because he would react aggressively. The Former Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney Another senior administration official said this was “not a great thing and should be kept below his level.”
Of course, when the news of the Russian bounty broke out, the White House ignored the matter and refused to talk about retaliation for Russia. Instead, as CNN’s Marshall Cohen points out in a fact-check analysis of White House press remarks: “Throughout his press conference, (Kelly) McEnanye spent more time criticizing American journalists than condemning Russia’s aggressive actions against US interests. Gifts in Afghanistan, 2016 Electoral Interference and Military Operations in Syria and Ukraine. ”

“It sounds like the WH is trying to mislead the public,” said Susan Hennessy, CNN national security analyst, about the administration’s pushback. “It is common for different Intel agencies to add different levels of trust based on the underlying Intel policy; just as there is disagreement over whether something happened.”

The court will observe Beware There is no guarantee that people will ever see President Trump’s business records or taxes despite losing both cases in a court decision. For example, New York District Attorney Cy Vance issued subpoenas for Trump’s taxes during the grand jury investigation, and that information is close to court. Accountability on the most urgent issue that confuses even some Trump allies leads to greater transparency than ever: Why is Trump praising Putin despite his constant provocation?

The American people deserve to know the truth about Trump and Russia. And to find the truth, we must follow money. The Supreme Court will soon decide whether the truth – or partisan politics – will prevail before the American people go to the polls this November.

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