September 19, 2021

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650 migrants can cross the border daily between Panama and Colombia, up from 500 in September

Archive image. Immigrants are waiting in Panorama, Negombo, Colombia to continue their journey to the United States. August 5, 2021. Buyers / Henry Esquivel No Sale. No files

The governments of Panama and Colombia announced this Wednesday that they would allow people to enter the latter for daily reservations. In August 650 immigrants and Colombians will be able to come to the neighboring country and cross the 500 Darian border daily by September.

“The allocations established with Colombia, when 15,000 people are in crisis in Negombo (Colombia), we will receive 650 people a day until the end of this month,” said Sameera Cosine, Migration Director for Panama. .

There are days when Panama receives 1,500 or 2,000 immigrants, “we got 10,000 a week, including Sunday,” he said. So far, at least 55,000 people have sought to reach North America, entering Panama, which is 33% of the total number coming to the country.

Last Friday the two countries agreed to a plan for the control flow of immigrants, defining the allocation revealed this Wednesday at a virtual meeting with the foreign ministers of Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Peru and the United States. , Ecuador and Canada.

“With the allocations established with Colombia, with 15,000 people in crisis in Negombo, we will have 650 people a day until the end of this month,” Samira Cosine continued.

For his part, Chancellor and Vice President Marta Lucia Rameres said some of these migrants were pregnant women and minors, who had to cross the Darian Forest, so they would try to avoid the risk of drowning by this move.

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“We don’t want these immigrants to run the risk of drowning or things like that. Obviously, we want them to go through Darion. Unfortunately children and women who face very difficult situations.”

Immigrants in Necoclí are vaccinated

More than a month later, maritime traffic in Necoclí (Antioquia) began to normalize, allowing thousands of migrants to leave the municipality. Local officials assure that the situation has not been fully overcome, but as of Monday, August 9, they insist that the controlled traffic of 3,000 victims has already been reached.

“The idea is to get rid of all the immigrants who have been shut down for more than a month, and as soon as they have already vacated the municipality, we will start removing the rest. Agande and Kaburgane,” Necoclay Mayor George Doben said in a video posted on social media.

It should be noted that the shutdown problem began when the Negro Sea Transport Company exhausted many of its small vessels, which reduced its operational capacity. Taking this into account, only a maximum of 850 people left the municipality daily, but a further 1,100 and 1,500 people were coming. In other words, more people came to the municipality every day than they left.

The company is trying to reactivate all its operational capabilities, but this is not possible, so local authorities had to intervene at this logistics point. Thus, the evacuation of immigrants, thanks to the humanitarian route, was organized by the government of the municipalities of Urabe Antigua.

Authorities are rushing to remove detained immigrants, and since Friday, August 6, there has been a health alert among potential foreigners for the spread of measles. This information was released by Micronesian Colombia, who promised that a series of actions would be initiated in order to prevent their expansion.

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“The Ministry of Health is developing strategies to strengthen the presence in the area. Unfortunately we have been informed about measles and possible diseases,” he said. Francisco Espinosa, Director of Migration Colombia.

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