September 19, 2021

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A man sets fire to a vaccination center in Poland

One Man A fire broke out at a vaccination center in Poland, The citizen went to the health center with a petrol bottle in his hand, poured it inside and then fled, the center was completely burnt down, which is not the first fact to happen in the country and these arguments are beginning to alert the authorities.

The center is located Jamosk, In southwestern Poland, and completely extinct, angered both citizens and health professionals.

El Primer Ministro de Polonia, Mattus Moravici, The government has announced that it will take emergency measures against citizens who attack health centers, hospitals or health officials.

In other parts of the country, other health infrastructure has undergone similar changes, for which Moraviki promised that “measures taken for these destructions will be very strict” and that “vaccines against the fourth corona virus are a barrier” It is important to prevent it, and therefore, for various reasons, the entire vaccination program And since everyone responsible is responsible for the lives of the people, we will be very strict in these kinds of activities.

“Such acts are unfortunately repeated, so they will all be punished accordingly. The hard way Under the current rules, but we will also take steps to increase security because these centers do a great job. Poland

Police pointed out directly Vaccine resistance groupsS They have confirmed that these events are “the most brutal behavior of these movements” for these and other attacks.

Both the Health Minister and the Prime Minister traveled this Monday Zamosc, the city where the fire broke out, was described by them as an act of terrorism against the state.

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“This is an act of terrorism, an act of terrorism directed not only against the staff of a regional health center but also against the state,” he said.

Poland has already vaccinated 17.5 million These attacks on civilians, but in recent weeks have occurred not only in health infrastructure centers, but also in health workers by physical and verbal assaults.