September 19, 2021

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A new tropical storm develops and Fred enters the Florida Strait

Since early in the morning, the latest tropical cyclone warning indicates that the poorly defined and wide central part of the tropical depression is moving through the western part of Fred Cuba.

The presence of relatively strong currents in the upper air and their contact with the ground A significant itch in its closed loop, this time it is not clear In observations of Cuban weather stations, or by weather satellite and radar images. In addition, a reconnaissance aircraft flew over the northern seas of western Cuba without finding evidence of a closed cycle. For this reason, Fred is not a tropical cyclone at this time and will disintegrate into a tropical wave.

Extensive area of ​​relatively low pressure continues in western Cuba, With two relative spiral centers, one of which is located near Isla dila Juventud. The maximum lasting wind associated with Fred residues is estimated at 55 km / h, but they occur in the Florida Strait and not on Cuban soil, with an average pressure of 1013 hPa.

Remnants of the central part of Fred In the next few hours between west-northwest and northwest they will move at a speed of 20 km per hour. As the hot waters recede in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico, Fred is expected to reorganize this Sunday and turn back into a tropical cyclone, while gradually moving away from Cuba.

The most important thing for Cuba is the bands with rain, rain and thunder They affect the western and central regions, where they can be strong and intense in some places and last throughout the weekend. Precisely in areas with heavy rainfall and storms, significant winds.

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If this organism does not regenerate, this is the last tropical cyclone advice given on MediaAlerta. If necessary, special notices will be pasted.