November 29, 2021

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About 143,000 birds are killed in Japan due to bird flu

According to the Japanese news agency Kyoto News, the local government of the province of Akita in northeastern Japan announced the slaughter of about 143,000 birds on Wednesday, November 10, after it was discovered that bird flu had spread to poultry farms.

The first bird flu outbreak in Japan this season was confirmed by genetic testing at a farm in Yokot, after initial tests showed positive results.

The provincial government also banned the export of chickens or eggs from other farms within a 10 km radius of the affected farm.

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At the request of the province, personnel from the Japanese Defense Forces were sent to the area to assist local authorities in overcoming the problem.

Re-elected Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida advised the Ministry of Agriculture and other government agencies to work closely and take immediate and comprehensive preventive measures to prevent the proliferation of infected birds.

A veterinarian told local health officials Tuesday morning that the number of chickens dying on a yoghurt farm was rising, according to the provincial government.

Initial testing of 13 chickens on the farm confirmed the presence of bird flu in 12 chickens.

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