January 27, 2021

Ambassador Ken Juster praises ‘broad & rich’ US-India relationship

Ahead of US Ambassador to India Ken Juster, he not only praised the US-India alliance, but also said that Washington had pledged bilateral relations on January 5 at the “highest level”. In a public address, Juster said the United States supports India’s rise on the world stage and praised the nation’s democratic model of non-interference with other countries’ sovereignty. Touching the Indo-Pacific region, the US ambassador to India said, “This has become a reality in the last four years.”

Ken Juster noted that outgoing US President Donald Trump in 2017 described the United States’ vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific, bringing together multiculturally independent and sovereign nations to “grow side by side” and prosper in both freedom and peace. In his farewell policy speech, Jaster elaborated on the ambition and milestones reached in the US-India partnership over the past four years of the Trump administration.

“The Indo-Pacific concept has been around for many years. It is only in the last four years that our countries have shown the ambition to make this a reality,” Ken Juster said.

He added, “In 2017, President Trump described the US vision as a free and open Indo-Pacific. As sovereign and independent nations with different cultures one can prosper side by side and grow in freedom and peace. ”

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Justice on US-India: ‘No bilateral relationship.

Weighing further on the enhanced US-India relationship, Ken Juster said there is no such thing as “complex, broad and genuine” bilateral relations as shared between Washington and New Delhi. He noted that the two countries have cooperated in various fields such as defense, counter-terrorism, proliferation, cyber security, trade, investment, energy, environment, health, education, science and technology, energy, environment, agriculture, aerospace. And the oceans.

“There is no more complex, broader and richer bilateral relationship than the United States and India,” he said.

The US Ambassador to India said that the United States and India have outlined a vision for the Indo-Pacific Organization and a set of common principals through high-level engagement in maritime security, Govt-19 epidemic management and regional integration. He also said that 2 + 2 ministerial matters between the two countries have enhanced cooperation in security and security.

Commenting on trade and investment, Ken Juster said, “Prior to the COVID19 epidemic, the US-India trade and investment relationship continued to grow and expand. In 2019, #bilaterals in goods and services rose to $ 146.1 billion, up from $ 18.6 billion in 2001. ”

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