November 29, 2021

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Amid controversy and heated deals, COP26 came to an end

The Climate Change Conference (COP26) concluded yesterday in Glasgow, Scotland (UK) with a warm call to expedite the discharge of coal as an energy source and to eliminate inefficient subsidies for fossil fuels.

The final report was accepted more than 24 hours after the scheduled end date of the event, and after tough negotiations at the Scottish Events Center.

At the last minute, the Indian delegation was able to change the wording of the text referring to coal, which eventually advised to “reduce” rather than eliminate the use of coal in plants that do not have the necessary technology. And save emissions.

Among the innovations, the document, approved by representatives of nearly 200 participating countries, calls on rich countries to double their financial contributions by 2025 to help poorer and more vulnerable countries cope with the impact of climate change.

Aiming to keep alive the goal of controlling global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the Glasgow Declaration calls on the parties to the 2015 Paris Agreement to carry out their emissions reduction plans for next year.

Although significant compared to previous summits, the agreement caused a bitter taste in the mouths of environmental activists who expect more serious commitments from world leaders to control climate change, especially due to the reference to fossil fuels.

COP26 is over, here’s a brief summary: Blah Blah, wrote young Swedish activist Greta Dunberg on Twitter, who predicted the event’s failure from the outset, describing it as a public relations stunt. Pollutes the environment.

The UN points out the contradictions to be overcome in COP26

An iconic figure in the fight against climate change, Thunberg assured that real work continues outside the event’s full event and that “we will never give up.”

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, for his part, regretted that the political will in COP26 was not sufficient to overcome the deep contradictions.

Our weak planet is hanging by a thread, we are still on the brink of climate catastrophe, so it’s time to follow emergency mode or the chance of reaching zero emissions will be zero, Goodres said. The use of coal.

Khair Stormer, leader of the opposition British Labor Party, welcomed the deal, but saw COP26 as a missed opportunity and full of many promises for the future.