January 19, 2021

Anger over planned New Year’s Eve meetings as Los Angeles face crackdown on Govt lawsuits | American News

News of the planned New Year’s Eve parties in Los Angeles is provoking outrage as the region faces a devastating Govt crisis, recorded deaths and a shattered health system.

Ahead of the new year, LA has become the new hub of uncontrolled epidemics in the United States, with one govt death now occurring every ten minutes and Hospitals facing unthinkable choices Because they were left without ICU beds. But the Doctors’ Warnings about “apocalyptic” scenes in hospitals Some businesses have not stopped planning personal events in 2021, sparking harsh criticism from health officials.

In the upper Beverly Hills, the Italian restaurant La Scala was captured An indoor dinner ad By the 31st, leave the invitations in the tag-out bags that said “Come back to the 20s ban”. Note, stressing that this will provide people inside the house, “Please be this prudent, but tell all your friends.”

Alyssa Walker

Merry Christmas to all! La Scala’s Beverly Hills location takes these invitations in bags to take to an indoor New Year’s Eve party: “Please be this wise, but tell all your friends.” 💀💀💀 pic.twitter.com/hu4cJGYxce

December 25, 2020

After a The picture of the call went viral On Christmas Day, the town of Beverly Hills said in a statement that it had reached out to delegates to remind delegates that current local orders restrict indoor and outdoor dining. In an Instagram post on Monday, the restaurant said its message was “add a little levity” and said it would book outdoor meals.

But with the current upsurge, all live dining has been banned, with officials predicting that it will only get worse between holiday trips and meetings, officials say. The stay order at home can be extended In the new year.

La Scala, La Residents have raised alarms About many secrets in person Parties Thursday is scheduled, as well as businesses that openly violate the rules.

In Burbank, just outside the city, residents have complained to local authorities about a restaurant called Dinhorn Plats. The mask published anti-news And Reopened in defiance of health restrictions.

“It’s scary, we’re scared,” said Linda Besin, who lives in Burbank, who wrote to city leaders about the burger restaurant. “Many of us sympathize with the survival of our local businesses and do everything we can to support restaurants. People should not come in and wear masks, not social distances, and they come to Burbank from all over LA County, which is terrifying.”

The restaurant did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Gov. Gavin Newsom, governor of California, told a conference Monday that most LA hospitals were forced to divert ambulances because Govt cases were suppressed over the weekend. “Regular emergency treatment is declining. You think you’re free from the effects of covit God forbid you have a stroke, car accident or other serious maintenance.”

In LA, approximately one in 95 people Estimated to be infected with covit, And last week, the county averaged 13,800 new cases a day and 88 daily deaths. Experts in LA, the largest district in the United States, attribute the recent “tsunami” cases over the holidays, fatigue with restrictions, public health news mess and affordable housing crisis, forcing many families to live in crowded conditions.

California is now sending a special team to LA, with more hospitals helping to consolidate limited resources, Newsom said. The crisis is so bad that some medical centers have lobbies, waiting rooms for patients, Gift shops And makeshift tents.

There are fears that California will continue to significantly worsen the distribution of Govt vaccines. Already 261,000 levels have been managed, and more than 1.76 meters are expected to arrive next week, Newsom said Monday. But early-stage vaccinations do not protect people who continue to ignore emotional and distrustful requests from hospitals to stay home and ignore counseling and travel.

Air travel around Thanksgiving and Christmas has increased significantly, and there are tens of thousands of passengers It is expected to pass through LA International Airport this week, Officials say.

Dr. Robert Kim-Barley, a medical epidemiologist at the University of California, Los Angeles, said: “It is very dangerous to attend any event in LA this week. This could increase the number of cases during New Year celebrations … the risks are very high. “

The virus has been particularly devastating to Latin and black Americans in California, who are disproportionately represented among essential workers and are forced to continue doing dangerous work throughout the crisis, while the U.S. government has failed to provide basic assistance or extended unemployment.

Donald Trump signed the new Govt trigger package on Sunday night.