October 24, 2021

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Arrested for stealing from Cuban restaurants in Miami

Miami-Tate police on Friday arrested Cuban Jose Camacho as a suspect in the robbery of two restaurants in South Florida.

According to the local channel, Camacho, about 40 years old, was recorded on security cameras at the Sabor Columbia restaurant, 10662 Fontaine Play Boulevard. America sees you.

Security cameras showed him walking towards the individual business and he knew exactly the moment of throwing a stone at the door, and as he resisted, he did the same operation again, managing the gap that would allow him to go inside and take the door. Cash register.

The suspect stole about $ 200 from the establishment, the money used to open a new working day the day after the robbery.

After Camacho’s arrest, he became known to face a number of overt criminal charges, including evasion from officers, breach of probation and robbery; And two days after the incident, he robbed another restaurant located at 2502 Southwest and 87th Avenue using the same technique.

In Miami-Tad, an incident involving a minor was reported in mid-April this year at Mojido Grill, a Cuban restaurant located on 57th Avenue southwest near the Sunset Shopping Center.

Two children entered the area, one with the door open, the other approaching the counter and carrying the tip jar, local newspaper reported.

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