January 26, 2021

As the end approaches, Trump gets flattery and the final measure

New York: President Donald TrumpBy announcing further compliments to the CEO, the management concludes how it started.
But now that key figures in the president’s orbit are turning the page and beginning to admit his defeat, the compliment is mixed with the final feeling.
Trump himself is in the Oval Office, battling election day results, and the deadly and tragic Americans are enduring the dark hours of the COVID-19 epidemic.
Within a week of the election building the success of Joe Biden, the official president of the College of Elections, Trump was out of sight, staying late in the Oval Office and working on his private dining area with telephones and television remote.
Although he did not make a public appearance, some of his most influential allies and loyal defenders abandoned the fight and overthrew the president as slowly as possible.
Attorney General William Barr resigned from his post last Monday after weeks of tension with Trump.
Barr, who has long been seen as one of Trump’s most supportive cabinet members, has drawn Trump’s anger in recent weeks and months for not supporting the president’s unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud or for not pursuing a public inquiry into Biden’s son Hunter.
But when Barr stepped aside, he did so with floral language as a reminder of the compliments thrown at Trump as verbal bouquets during early cabinet meetings.
“Your record is very historically significant because you faced incessant opposition to it,” Barr wrote in his resignation letter. Trump immediately tweeted it, adding his own words of praise to the Attorney General.
In the six weeks since Biden was defeated, Trump has largely been fired.
The virus has killed more than 300,000 Americans and is now killing more than 3,000 lives a day, but the president has not said a word about the deaths or the development of a vaccine to end the epidemic.
At the same time, he has repeatedly tweeted misrepresentations about conspiracy theories and the election, falsely claiming that it was stolen from him when he took steps to undermine the Biden administration before it began. Most Republicans have refused to push Trump to stop or work with those elected by the president.
Many in the GOP took their notes from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who refused to stand in support of Trump, and instead calculated that the outraged Republican base – and the angry president – would help secure a couple of victories in the January run in Georgia. It will dictate control of the Senate. But last week, McConnell, R-Guy, bent on reality and declared that the Electoral College had “spoken” and that Biden was the winner.
McConnell’s approval of Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ victory came long after Trump’s achievements were made public on the Senate floor. McConnell spoke for nine minutes about Trump, declaring that “many of us believed the presidential election would have a different outcome.” He discussed Pita for a minute.
Some of Trump’s toughest allies gave credibility, albeit briefly, to the election result. White House press secretary Kaylee McNani said in a cable television appearance that Trump was in a strong position for the 2024 campaign – a roundabout endorsement that he would not run for president next year.
Others close to Trump also marked the accidental decision. His daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump began tweeting photos of the moments throughout the period. His son Eric Trump and his family posed for photos outside the Oval Office. West Wing staff posted photos on Instagram of the White House’s Christmas party, and most of those in the picture were not wearing masks.
Vice President Mike Pence continued his role as Trump’s biggest hype man, and cheerleading came with a nostalgia. Pence marked the first anniversary of the U.S. Space Force, which he designed as an important part of the Trump tradition, at a ceremony Friday.
But since Trump was mostly headstrong, it fell to Pence to hold a public meeting with vaccine distributors. On Friday, as part of a campaign to convince Americans that the vaccine was safe, he rolled up his sleeves and picked up a public rifle.
Trump has been happy to receive praise throughout his presidency. His cabinet meetings sometimes resembled “loving leader” sessions in dictatorial countries, where officials applaud the man in charge.
The tone was set at the president’s first cabinet meeting in June 2017, when only one object appeared to debate whether Trump was a better president or a greater one. Invited to see the media, Trump praised the achievements of his young administration, including President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt insisted that he had achieved more than any other president in his first six months, with “some exceptions.”
That day Pence declared his work “the greatest privilege of my life.” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he was “thrilled” that Energy Secretary Rick Perry presented his “hats” to Trump and thanked Commerce Secretary Wilbur Rose for the “opportunity” to serve as president.