October 27, 2021

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Assassination of Haitian President: Former Colombian army receives $ 50,000

Colombian Director of Police George Luis Vargas. Photo:
Twitter @DirectorPolicia

Colombian Director of Police Jorge Luis Vargas made the announcement this Thursday One of the former Colombian soldiers assassinated by Haitian President Jovnell Moss received $ 50,000 from the United States to plan the operation.

German Rivera Garcia, the former Colombian captain detained in Haiti, said Colombian officials were aware of his involvement in planning and organizing events that ended the life of the Haitian president. The capital of the country. Caribbean.

At a news conference, Colombian police chief Rivera Garcia, along with the country’s former ex-military man Duberni Capador Giraldo – killed on Haitian soil – and a third person has not yet been identified. They flew to Haiti on May 10 via a border crossing from the Dominican Republic. Already in the target country, they met A Haitian doctor named Christian Emmanuel Sanon was thought to be the mastermind of the assassination of Joanne Moss.

As reported this Thursday, 18 Colombians have been captured so far, three killed during security forces operations, while 3 more were wanted in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and those involved in the case.

Vargas added: “Initially it was said that this was a move to arrest the president of Haiti,” as some of those arrested announced.

Rivera and Capador are rResponsibility for contacting more people in Colombia. Before coming to Port-au-Prince, they attended many meetings held in various countries, including the United States. Currently, they are working to identify those who helped obtain the relevant visas. They have not yet been able to pinpoint the exact source of funding.

Apart from the meeting with Christian Emmanuel Sanon, the record was known James Solages, a Haitian-American citizen, Turned himself in to Haitian police officers after the celebrity’s murder.

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According to the Colombian director of police, “German Riviera was in contact with 12 people in Haiti, all technical information is already with Haitian authorities; And Duberni Capador had been in contact with ten people in Haiti. ”

(With information provided by RT in Spanish)