November 29, 2021

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Axes of the Mexico, USA and Canada meeting

In This morning, President Marcelo Ebert, Provided Axes of the Mexico Meeting with the United States and Canada.

Marcelo Ebrat will hold a meeting with his Canadian representative this November 16 Melanie Joy, Which is expected ahead of the summit between Mexico, the United States and Canada November 18, DC, Washington, United States.

Will be one of the priorities of the three countries Health care.

As well as analysis of regional jobs Approval of all Govt-19 vaccines The North American region is accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO).

There will also be joint ventures between Mexico, the United States and Canada Provide vaccines From this area Latin America and the Caribbean.

Except Study and development of vaccine production Against Govt-19 and various diseases in the three countries.

Marcelo Eford presents themes of the meeting in Mexico, USA and Canada / Photography: Presidency

He also took advantage North American Leaders SummitThanks to USA for the support, which is accessible Fans And vaccines.

He recalled the resumption of routine activities the front page In northern Mexico, the flow has increased Non-essential activities.

It was November 8, and since then they believe the percentage of activity will gradually increase, from 12 percent, to 20 percent, and then to 25 percent, reaching 60 percent.

It also announced that it is expected to end with 2021 185 million doses of imported or packaged vaccines in the country.

What is Marcelo Ebrat going to discuss with Melanie Joy from Canada today?

In today’s meeting with Marcelo Ephrat Melanie Joy, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, The main topic they deal with Check the agenda Joint at the bilateral meeting to be held Amlo With Justin Droo During the summit.

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On Twitter The Chancellor said it was an honor to meet with Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joy.

He said it was a meeting of relevant coincidences and that the future meeting between AMLO and Justin Trudeau would be characterized by a good relationship.

Marcelo Ebrard’s tweet after meeting with Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie / _m_ebrard