November 29, 2021

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Azner has raised more than $ 3.5 million from a media group called News Corp.

Jose Maria Aznar. Photo: Juan Manuel Brads / El Periodico / Archive.

Former President of the Spanish Government, Jose Maria AznarRupert Murdoch, an Australian who has been a consultant since 2006, has already conveniently surpassed the $ 3.5 million salary raised at News Corp, the US media company..

Azner, as reflected in the company’s shareholders’ meeting, told News Corp. Has received approximately ,000 250,000 as an independent director of, worth $ 108,500 in cash and another $ 175,664 in shares worth of medium.

After consulting with the company for more than 15 years, Azner has already raised more than 16 3.16 million., The US stock market regulator who issued the newspaper, according to a calculation based on information in the SEC.

The meeting, which last Wednesday agreed to renew Aznar for another year, was held electronically. In it, the shareholder’s proposal to change the reinforced majority system in place in the company was rejected.

Last year, News Corp’s payout to Spain’s former president fell 2.5% compared to fiscal year 2020, after the board’s board of directors agreed to cut its cash pay by 20% by 2020, “the company’s growing focus on costs incurred by the Govit-19 epidemic.”

“The American giant is one of the largest communications groups in the world, owned by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post or The Sun and the Times United Kingdom. He is the director of Affinity, which is dedicated to artificial intelligence, and is directed by his son, Alonso Aznar. “

Aznar’s lucrative career

Since leaving Monclova, Jose Maria Aznar has not missed a single day of work. After serving as prime minister twice, the Madrillian politician has been able to enjoy private business and the lucrative benefits it offers over the past decade.

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Aznar worked for a law firm called Latham & Watkins, The world’s first law firm through billing, has been appointed as an international consultant under the guidance of his friend Juan Picon, the managing partner of the company’s Spanish office.

Azner also served as an external consultant to Entesa, which helped privatize Manglova while he was in the country.

What else, As former president of the government he received a lifetime salary of around 80 80,000 a year.

(Taken from this Spanish Revolution)