September 19, 2021

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Barack Obama. HBO begins a documentary series about his life

Documentary series Very perfect union, Will be screened and shown on the HBO site this Friday the 13th How attractive is the path to a man’s power: Barack Obama.

“The difference between him and his successor, Donald Trump, is so sharp that it’s hard to recognize the importance of his legacy. From the moment he left the White House,” Dr. Jelani Cobb explains. Writer of the American History, New Yorker magazine and producer of the documentary.

Cultural works about the image of Obamas have exploded over the past few years. For the best-selling book Is Michael, the former first lady who went to Netflix TV, adds A Promised Land, Written by Obama.

There is a movie about the couple’s first meeting, South with you, With documentaries such as Obama’s dreams Y Final year Analyzes various aspects of his order.

However, it made sense to bet on another product that Obama has been working on since he stepped down as president. “Donald Trump was doing everything he could to get rid of it.

Three parts OBAMA: In the pursuit of the most perfect union They analyze the youth, the presidential contest and, finally, the two terms the former president (2009-2017) spent in the Oval Office.


But before describing Obama’s first steps, The series begins with a speech delivered to the world in March 2008At the beginning of your campaign.

The future president appears on a plane, on his way to the Democratic convention, finalizing his writing details. He followed that custom until the end of his term, for he was particularly careful in words. Some criticized his over-preparation of speeches.

Neither Liberal America nor Conservative America. America is. There is a black America and a white America, a Latin America and an Asian America. America is“Says one of the most popular phrases in that text.

A text, according to Cobb, reveals not only his writing skills, but his vision and Understanding racial issues is “better than any time of the campaign.”

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Obama introduced himself “Son of a black man from Kenya and son of a white woman from Kansas“He was raised by a stepmother and married to an African-American descent of slaves.

Although the electoral environment of a decade ago seemed very optimistic, politics is now beginning to take on a darker and more chaotic tone.

As the producer of the film, Director Peter W., who produced documentaries about Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon and John McCain. Cohn hired Kunhart. And in this production he distinguishes the most unpleasant moments of Obama’s life from the romantic view of other films.

“Even at the beginning of the campaign, there were those who said he was not really black,” Kobe recalled. All sorts of things were said.

Obama had to rely on African-American leaders like Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Congressman John Lewis. The documentary was interviewed because their circle was contradictory.

Outside, Republicans opposed John McCain’s diplomacy with Sarah Pauline, the vice presidential candidate, questioned whether Obama was born in the United States and warned that his name was of Muslim descent.

Exotic and ambitious

Very perfect union It also shows Obama as a man who overcame all those obstacles indefinitely and passed through the blind ambition that left many comrades.

Among those interviewed, Louis Obama cried over the night of his presidency, while Wright recalled the day he was invited to expel him from the campaign team.

The lights and shadows of a life that made history.