September 19, 2021

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Biden assured that there would be new restrictions on the United States “in all likelihood” due to Govt

U.S. President Joe Biden said new restrictions were possible on July 30, 2021 due to an increase in the number of Govt-19 cases. afp_tickers

This content was released on July 30, 2021 – 23:58


In response to the increase in COVID-19 cases, US President Joe Biden said Friday that new control measures would be imposed on his country “in all likelihood.”

When asked if Americans should wait for new recommendations or new restrictions from health officials, the president responded “by all means” before leaving the White House by helicopter for his weekend vacation.

It does not specify what actions can be taken.

The United States has seen an increase in Covid-19 cases due to the spread of the highly contagious delta variant.

However, Biden said Thursday was a “good day” in the country in terms of vaccination.

“Nearly one million people have been vaccinated,” he said, adding that his administration is working to reactivate the slow-moving vaccine campaign. “I hope people are starting to realize how necessary this is,” the president said.

Health officials have recommended that those who have been vaccinated this week also re-apply the mask in areas with a higher infection rate.

The federal government has tightened health regulations for its millions of employees who now have to be vaccinated or wear masks and even have regular check-ups in areas where there are some cases.

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