September 19, 2021

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Biden congratulates Iraq on hosting Baghdad summit and highlights its goal of bringing “stability” to the region

Madrid, 29 Aug. (Europa Press) –

U.S. President Joe Biden on Saturday congratulated Iraqi officials on hosting a “successful and innovative” regional conference in Baghdad and stressed his goal of providing “stability” to the Middle East.

“This kind of diplomacy is never important to defuse tensions between neighboring states and expand cooperation throughout the Middle East … The United States will continue to support our ally Iraq as we work together with greater determination.” According to the White House.

French President Emmanuel Macron thanked the United States for its “commitment and support” in hosting the summit, while reiterating that “diplomacy should be the first tool of US foreign policy” and therefore “thankful” for having partners “share” this perspective.

When Prime Minister (Iraqi) Mustafa al-Qadimi and I met at the Oval Office last month, we discussed the key role of Iraq in the region and key government-led initiatives, including the Kurdistan Regional Government. Improving and strengthening relations between Iraq and its neighbors. “

At the conference, key delegates from the Persian Gulf countries, including French President Emmanuel Macron, as the best European guest, sought to ease regional tensions after the fall of Afghanistan and to plan a new environment for dialogue.

The Baghdad summit took place two days after a suicide bombing at Kabul airport, an affiliate of the Islamic State of Afghanistan, raising fears of a resurgence of the terrorist group.

BINKENS Call to Salih

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, on the other hand, spoke by phone to Iraqi President Berham Sally this Saturday, stressing his commitment to making Iraq “strong, stable and prosperous.”

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“The Secretary-General reiterated that the task of defeating ISIS (Islamic State) is not over, but it is moving to a new level based on the advanced capabilities of the Iraqi security forces,” said State Department spokesman Nate Price.

For this reason, the United States will continue to “train, advise and qualify” Asian countries’ military forces to fight and overthrow the Islamic State.

Finally, Blingen praised the Iraqi government’s efforts to hold “free and fair” elections in the country in mid-October.