September 19, 2021

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Biden interrogates Bolsanaro for revealing police research – Brenza Latina

In practice, the accused was asked to investigate a criminal behavior, and after Bolzano spread on social media last week, the full text of the federal police investigation into the alleged attack on the DSE’s internal organization said, according to the court, there was no danger in the election.

The petition will be analyzed in the Fake News (False News) file which investigates the spread of false content on the internet and the threats to the Supreme Court (SDF) ministers.

Such an investigation is the responsibility of SDF Judge Alexandre Moraes, who last week listened to the consensus request of TSE ministers and included Bolsanaro in the investigation.

The reason for this is that the former military recently broadcast live television in Brazil, attacking electronic ballot boxes and spreading false news, which was denied by official organizations.

The TSE, which was released after Bolzano’s release, responded that improper access to the internal system, under investigation, posed no threat to the integrity of the 2018 election.

In a request sent to the SDF on Monday, Electoral Court ministers Bolzano assured that the disclosure of the process reflects possible damage to electoral justice.

This is a collection of information that, as it would be detrimental to access and damage to electoral justice, demands that criminal precautionary measures be taken to remove those publications from social networks.

The conduct of President and Vice President Philip Burroughs is considered a crime under the Code of Criminal Law “for disclosing confidential or protected information without reasonable cause, as defined by law.”

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Sentences range from one to four years in prison. For the TSE, the former Army Captain may be linked to the activities of digital fighters investigated in a fake news case.

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