September 19, 2021

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Bolivia – Louis Ars urges army to take part in the development of Brenza Latina

At the 196th anniversary of the creation of the Armed Forces, the president called on those in uniform in 2019 to regain public confidence, weakened after the participation of former top officials in the 2019 coup against Evo Morales.

“The armed forces must regain the confidence of the people to advance racial, oppressive and non-racial democracy and the advancement of a colonized, patriarchal state,” Ars said before a military parade in the capital. Constitutional law of Bolivia.

He recalled that the involvement of the officers mentioned in the riot did not represent the sentiments of most of the uniformed people and described the company as another attempt to ‘muddy up’.

The President of Bolivia stressed the importance of the moment of living in the country, reversing little by little the economic and social damage caused by the unconstitutional government as a result of the conspiracy and restarting the path of democracy and culture. The revolution started in 2006 by the governments of the movement for socialism.

Later, he pointed out, the Bolivians voted for a new political constitution, which opened the door to “a cultural, participatory, pluralistic, social and social democracy.”

For his part, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, General Moise Vallejos, acknowledged the company’s obedience and respect for Magna Carta’s arrangements and reaffirmed its role as defender of sovereignty and civilian life.

The army chief instructed his comrades to remain loyal to their armed duties and to serve the people and the interests of the homeland “with faith and sacrifice.”

Following the intervention of President Ars and General Vallejos, a military parade representing the land, air and sea elements of the Bolivian Armed Forces took place.

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